February 2, 2019

Work at Home Careers

I think it’s fantastic that everybody wants a work at home career. Do you know why? I’ll bet not, because I’m not thinking that a work at home career has to be done at home.

Think about it. Having a laptop puts anywhere you happen to be “at home” right? It’s like those pictures of people with there laptops and a lounge chair on the beach.

You’ve seen them, man I’ll bet that really sucks. Can you imagine all that stand in your laptop, what a bummer.

Editing Jobs?

You wouldn’t believe how many editing jobs there are and how many companies are looking for editors of some sort.

The variety of editing jobs is as plentiful as the types of construction jobs they have out there.

Let’s start with Video Editing Careers. I can’t tell you how many people are advertising for video editors but I can tell you this if that’s the career you want to get into you’ll have plenty of work.

They’ve got so many that I even found jobs for assistant video editors.

Social Media is always and I mean always going to need video editors and they need them in all levels of experience from entry level all the way up to the most experienced veterans.

And Media developers for social media need editors as well as design and architectural editors.

Who can make anywhere between $35,000 and $80,000 a year

Did you know that you can even get into the Medical Profession online as an editor of medical records and pharmaceutical supplies.

Data entry is another one needing editors.

Insurance Comparison Sites

Insurance companies are everywhere today and they are all trying to get your business and who do you think straightens up all of those policies that are getting written every day.

That’s right editors and I’ll bet you that 99% of this work is being done at home.

At least that’s where you have been telling them you’re doing the work from.

Remember what I said about working from home not always meaning from home.

And when you’ve got insurance companies doing all of this insuring you’ve got to have Insurance Comparison Sites.

Otherwise, how would you know whether you’re getting the best deal out there?

I mean you’ve got Geico,The General, the All Hands people, and State Farm just to name a few.

Creative Writing Careers

Talk about online careers creative writing covers enough area that a whole population of people could be in creative writing careers.

Being a creative writer can be about virtually anything.

You could be a Novelist, Playwright,Screenwriter,Columnist,a Legacy Writer or a poet and write poems for Weddings, Funerals and even Births.

You could write Greeting cards or Comic books or you could write articles or ads or you could freelance as a fiction writer.

Maybe you want to be a ghost writer or a lyricist or blogger. If none of those maybe you want to be a coach or a consultant. You could even write video games.


Online transcription jobs are available in abundance and they come in every profession. Besides transcriptions there is Accounting and Bookkeeping.

And careers in Art and Design. I’ll bet you didn’t know this either you can even do Jury Duty online.

Virtual call centers are another choice, You can get the software to set up your own virtual call center right at home.

Using the telephone to enlist workers is a surefire way of knowing you’re in touch with a real person.

It’s a little like being a telemarketer except you don’t have to report in at a central location along with all the other employees and put in your however many hours you have on your schedule.

Now see there’s the culprit right there. That’s the dirty word you don’t want to hear (schedule),

The difference between work at home and having a regular job.

There’s no such thing as a schedule with a work at home job.

Unless it’s a schedule you have written for yourself and have the will and self motivation to uphold.

Virtual Careers

There are jobs that the only way they used to be done was from the Brick and Mortar businesses where you did your shopping, the place where the items you purchased were stored and delivered from.

But now you can do those jobs online. Jobs in customer relations and customer service, customer support and customer representatives.

Amazon is another place where you can get virtual jobs this is called e commerce.

All you have to do is put up your virtual store front and drive traffic to it.

It’s the same as Amazon except you get a commission on everything being sold. Different commissions for different products.

Dropshipping is like this you find the niche you want to be in and partner with whoever the store owner is and they do all the shipping, storing, delivering, and customer service.

And when a product gets returned there the ones that have to worry about the refund.

And then you’ve got your simple typing jobs for data entry or writing emails to companies clientele when they’re having product launches or specials for some holiday.

You can find a listing of every one of these jobs in places like Google, Pinterest Linkedin, Facebook.

Just about any of the social sites on the internet has a listing for virtual or online jobs.

Wrapping up I’d like to say from now on every business out there be it virtual or brick and mortar is going to need to do business online in one way or another.

If they aren’t advertising they had at least better have a web page or a listing of some kind because that’s the information highway and everybody is on it.

Now I want you to know this is just an opinion but I think you’ll agree with me right?

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Robert Garrison