Where did They Hide all the Drunks?- A Social Commentary


Where did they hide all the drunks – A social commentary





I’m writing this as a Social Comment, because I think society is having some serious adjustment issues and they need to be addressed. It looks like we are having reverse evolution problems.

The 20th Century

Bootleggers and Medicine Shows

In the early 1900s people used to gather at night clubs. And entertain themselves at places like vaudeville or other entertainment venues like Broadway.

Then in the 1920s or 30s there were speakeasies and social balls. Soon in the 1940s the Big Band era came the New York Nightclubs and Dance offs where couples would win prizes and popular personalities would emcee.

Then before World War 2 you had USO clubs and people would get together at home and play board games or cards.

Or go to cafes or coffee shops where they would listen to poets or Jazz musicians.


During what I like to call the Leave it to Beaver era

Just about the time I was conceived people out here in the west would congregate in neighbor hood bars and ballrooms.

You also had Drive ins or Fancy Theaters like the Fox or the Paramount in downtown Phoenix.

When I was in grade school  my parents were both what some people call Honky Tonkers.

Meaning my Dad would, while in his early twenties and thirties be a bouncer for a few of the local dance halls.

Since he and my mother were both Country Music lovers they would frequent these dancehalls.

This is around the same time that Playboy Magazine was in it’s hayday and American Bandstand was on television every Saturday.

My Early Coming into Puberty Years

About the time I was getting out of high school,I didn’t graduate I got out as a junior and went to work after a years vacation.

Between 17 and 24 I got into the construction workforce. As my Dad set me up with a couple of his buddies as an apprentice Dry wall hanger which was in the late 60s or early 70s.

Right around this time is when they started having very large Rock Concerts like Woodstock and bands like the Who or Cream and the like.

Here in phoenix we were having big concerts at the Veterans Coliseum and some of the baseball stadiums.


On Fridays we would all meet at the local bars to cash our checks and play some pool and have a few drinks and socialize or we would meet at peoples houses and play cards or go to the drive in for a movie.

During My Prime

I hope you are all following me and know what I’m talking about. while in my 30s and 40s during my second marriage we started going to the clubs.

What we in Phoenix refer to as Honky Tonks Places like Mr. Lucky’s or Grahams Central Station.

They were both Rock and Roll and Country These places were real popular and had a crowd seven days a week. In fact they were so popular that there was a bar on every corner.

There were live bands on the weekends in fact a few of them had live bands every day of the week.


This went on till I was in my late 40s or early 50s. While meeting in these bars we would play pool and have dart tournaments or play Texas Holdem.

Fads Fade and Trends Turn

Then for what seemed like no reason at all over the next two or three years. They all closed or moved away. It got to be there were no Honky Tonks or Dance Halls locally just neighbor hood dives.

They all had karaoke a couple of nights a week but still drew a pretty good crowd. Mostly locals, everyone knew each other and would see each other a couple of nights a week.

Currently Socially Lost

After a while even those crowds started thinning out and people were falling away a few at a time.

While others were just out growing the fad because they were getting married and raising families or just passing away.

Now every once in awhile you may run into one of the old crowd.

Maybe you can tell me why this is happening. I mean you see it don’t you?

Do you remember when meeting someone new in a bar was common place? Hell I met two of my three wives in a bar.

You know this is nothing like the older days when people would gather and party.

If you know of anyplace that is still like that let me know. I’d like to see that again.

Predictions and Conclusions

Seems to me like the invent of the smart phone and the rise of the internet where they have places like Facebook, Google ,and twitter,if you can call them places.

Since they’re really just virtual places and not some place you can stand in or go to.

Now people don’t have to leave the house or congregate any where to keep in touch.

Which is probably a good thing seeing as how terrorists and lunatics are targeting anyplace that draws a big crowd.

About the only place you’ll find a huge crowd anymore is at sporting events or special holiday events or maybe when a big celebrity is putting on a personal appearance for a concert.

The way technology is evolving and society is de evolving you will probably see the virtual world completely take the place of the real world. 

I mean eventually everything will become virtual or they will start streaming everything like they do webinars on the internet.

People won’t even have to leave their houses to see sporting events anymore.

Don’t you think that this will mean people will lose their social skills and communication skills will break down.

People will be able to do everything from home. There’ll be no reason to personally socialize with other people.

If you think I;m completely full of it and you see it a different way please leave a comment and give me your opinion.

That’s why Where did they hide all the drunks- a social commentary kind of seemed like a good article to write.

I’d love to hear what you think. Maybe you’ve got a solution to this whole scenario.

One Reply to “Where did They Hide all the Drunks?- A Social Commentary”

  1. Hi Robert,

    I enjoyed reading your post. For a few reasons. One I studied history and still love it.

    You laid out very clearly the patterns of societal social habits over the last 100 years or so.

    I do not have any solutions that have been tested and proven to work. Just a theory and as a father I am trying to implement it now.

    My theory is to deny access to cell phones and electronics (except tv) to my children until they are adults.

    I have two kids, one is 7 the other 2.

    I see and hear of other kids in this age range whose parents are already buying them their own phones. I believe a child with their own cell phone at 5 years is wrong.

    Children have no reason to have phones and do not need to have them to enjoy life. When I was growing up in the 90s just a few kids had cell phones.

    What did kids do in the 90’s and earlier decades? Oh the horror! We had to play outside. Played bored games. Played games using our imagination. And so on.

    Although we did have video game consoles which can be another problem.

    When you were a child were there not many kids outside during the day waiting to play? In mine, finding kids by biking around the town I lived it was hard. They were inside playing video games, or involved in extra curricular activities or with their parents running errands.

    I hear stories from my older relatives of a time when kids were much more free to be outside all day until supper time.

    This world simply does not exist now. Parents must work more now just to pay the bills. So they leave earlier and get back home later. As you mentioned there is more danger today so as parents we feel more protective. Also parents were able to have more kids before. I wonder if that contributes to a parent being more relaxed with letting kids outside with a longer leash so to speak?

    Maybe though I am completely wrong in all of this.

    Again great post!


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