What is the Other Side of my Website ?

The Better You !

That’s right there is another side to my website and so you ask yourself what is the other side of your website?

well here it is plain and simple. Its self-improvement of any kind.A Poster With Think Positive, Imagine, Believe, Achieve Written

I;m talking about if you can afford it and you really want it I say go ahead and do it.

Whatever it is. But really the kind we’re talking about is Mentally, physically, or spiritually.

By mentally I mean by learning whether it be consciously or subliminally because you do know you can learn in your sleep.

Which would be along the same lines as under hypnosis. You know when they give you suggestions under hypnosis and then you wake up and do them same as being hypnotized not to smoke.Screenshot Of A Man Trying To Hypnotize With A Watch

Then there’s physically like losing your belly, improving your pecs, conditioning or caring for your skin or any other attributes

like your hair or your ability to remain mobile.

A Higher Power

And by spiritually I mean by what your outlook on the philosophies of life are or your belief in the powers of the universe.

Like the laws of attraction, or your chakras, your stars, karma, your millionaire mindset, or in the belief of god or a higher power.Screen Shot Of The Location Of The Chakras

Hey! That just about covers everything doesn’t it. Well imagine that

I guess if you are looking for anything you might want to stop by here first and see if it’s listed or I have a category for that.

Speaking of, I just read a post tonight that really struck home it was offered up by JonLake.

I don’t remember the “Guru’s” name but he gave some advice on positive affirmations and the fact that I have read a book called Ramtha which is much the same sort of thing It gave a different perspective on the matter.

Being always interested in ways to broaden my perspective and it mostly involves spiritually which line up with scientifically and universally I think.

Some videos within YouTube are very sure about the fact that they are three and the same if you know what I mean.

Take for instance the series of videos called ” A Conversation With God – This may change your belief system ” I’m inclined to have more or less the same belief.

I would love to be able to hypnotize myself and give myself a few subliminal suggestions

Surely things would change. Circumstances would be a lot different now.

For one thing I would save a lot of money from not smoking cigarettes anymore it’s ten bucks a pack.

That has nothing to do with the change of confidence or attitude and probably physique too.

I probably wouldn’t live in the same neighborhood either, but I digress so on with what I was talking about.

Self improvement that’s right I think we could all use a little improvement. I know I could use a bunch.

I think with financial improvement should also come social, personal, and communicable improvement.

I’m sure they have books and videos on improving anything you can think of.

Some of these may be very insightful and helpful. Although, some may be just a bunch of bull.

I think I;m going to start doing chants and affirmations it sounds like something that might work I remember a pamphlet that was going around.

Remember What ?

In fact I had one it was called “instant Memory” and it was published by some branch of the government. It was directions on how to improve your memory.

There was one line in there that I’ll always remember, when your in the realm of memory you are in the spiritual realm because there is no filing cabinet in your head for storing memories.

Think about it when you get an idea or recall a memory it comes from outside your head somewhere.

They just seem to pop into your head.

I think we are all born with some sort of genetic memory because you couldn’t have experienced all the things you know about.

And children already have personalities when they are very young where’d they get them.

In The Future

With all the advances we are making in all the sciences I’m sure things will be very different in the near future.

People will be living longer and be much better informed and pulling the wool over their eyes will be much harder.

In the meanwhile try to keep with the remarkable advances and strives we’re making every day.

Each generation has so much more to learn than the last no wonder society is struggling with growing pains. Mentally we are improving at an exponential rate.

Have you noticed it seems like the more we know the more there is to know.

The more answers we find the more questions we raise.

We realize that what we know is just a drop in the bucket compared to what there is to learn.

Didn’t mean to get philosophical on you it was just an itch I had to scratch. What were we talking about ?

Right so I;ve decided to jump on that band wagon and endorse some more sensible ways for self-improvement and I hope some of you will take a look at what I’m intending to do and give me some feedback.

Until we all get rich and perfect I’ll be here trying to help by introducing you to new and different ways to improve yourself if you want them.

If you have anything to add or if you have any questions please leave a message in the comment box below.

And please like and share. Thank you very much.

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