June 2, 2019

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate ?

When I first saw the e-mail from Devo Brown with the title The 12 Minute Affiliate that’s exactly what I wondered. What is the 12 minute affiliate?

A Done For You Business

After reading through the e-mail I decided to clink on the link. After all Devon is the only one who has sold me something I’ve made money on.

Not only that but when I bought his Easiest Systems Ever he even gave me a free vacation. Having quite a few choices and never having been to the south I chose Gatlinburg.otel in gatlinburg

Thinking at least I won’t have to worry about getting my passport. Since Tennesee is in the United States.

Funny thing is he is giving away another free vacation if you sign up and finish the checklist within 72 hours. I think I made it but we’ll see.

This time he has choices like Cancun, Puerto Penasco, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Acapulco,Phuket, and a few others. Naturally I picked Vegas for the same reason and besides it’s close.

All Done For You

This is the same type of system as Web Copy Cat and Easiest System Ever but a Few things Have changed.

This one seems to give the user more choices with what you can modify it with and where.

But still he and his team have done all the heavy lifting for you. The syste this time is all laid out according to niche. There are three of them.

1. Home Business

2. Fitness and Weight Loss

3. Personal Developement

All you have to do is pick one. They have e-mail swipes written for each niche. They also have funnels with a bridge page and an opt-in page.

Not sure how many they’ve got but they are all niche relative not according to product. So as long as you’ve got a product in that niche it will coincide with the funnel and e-mail.

The Platform Is Simple

From the minute you login to your members area everything is laid out for you.

First you’ve got a Home category with subtitles like Getting started then step by step then on to getting coaching.

Devon stresses this point very much he says that it will make all the difference in the world as far as getting a fast start out of the gates. Having someone hold your hand and show you every move you need to makeis a lot better than trying to figure it out yourself.

Then you go down to niche funnels and like I said there are only three of them. Of course there are quite a few funnels in each niche.

You’ve got your preset funnels ad then you’ve got custom funnels. Here you can skip the opt-in page and just start with the bridge page.

Doing it this way you will need to go to an affiliate marketplace to find your own product to offer. But it works real good when you are trying to send a broadcast to an already existing list.

Other wise your sending traffic to an opt-in page and if they are already on your list it’s a waste of time.

Having A Group In Facebook

There is also a group page in facebook for members only. This is where we go to catch some of the training webinars Devon does.

It’s also where you go to post any victories you may have like subscribers or sales. This is an up place not for any complaining or problems. That kind of stuff is for support.

You are not allowed to post any other affiliate links here either its just for the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

Looks to me like they’ve got quite a few members too. And I’ll bet you won’t find a sad face on one of them.

Haven’t seen any banners or the like yet but I’ll bet if they don’t have any now they soon will..y fan page

Done For You Traffic

There is a listing for done for you traffic where you go to order bundles of traffic according to what you can afford.

He’s also got a listing for other traffic sources which is where you go to find other places to get traffic like social sites.

And I kow you can drive traffic from forums and groups but if you don’t keep it all straight i your head it becomes a state of confusion.

There are so many ways you can put it all together but you gotta make sure it fits.


One of his first topics is an education center This is where Devon does video trainings and discussions as it were.

Since the broadcasts were live at the time and he was answering questions on the air, as they say.

I’ve seen them they’re very informative. It gave me a whole different perspective or pointt of view.

Then there is a personal developement library along with top affiliate products and free e-mail swipes where everything is already written for you.

And niche divided funnels that are not product sensitive. I know that souds strange or, it does to meanyway.

Final Thoughts

I’ve just gotten into the program but I know I liked his prior done for you systems. And I think this system is much improved.

I’m going to stick with it and give it a shot. It sure looks good on paper. I can relate to the way Devon delivers himself. I guess I mean his attitude.

Who was it that said Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. Oh yeah Will Rogers.

In my opinion it’s well worth the money if you’re serious.