What is a video blog ?

Lately I;ve been trying to learn how to blog. As I, was starting to get better at it someone suggested I should do a video blog. I said what is a video blog.Image of blog

She said that if I could record myself with a video camera then stick it in a blog post that would be a video blog.

Oh! Like I was sending a video email. She said what is a video email?

So there you have it you see we are all just alike. I’ll bet the same questions would have been on your minds as was on mine. For instance how do you put a video you shot with a video camera into your computer.

Maybe You’re wondering why would I want to do that anyway. That’s the same thing I wanted to know.

Evidently in the recent past things changed and they’ve been running stats on the trends taking place. Everything is done with videos now.the increase in sales and influence is phenomenal.

You know why that would be? Because hearing it and having it demonstrated to you is so much easier than having to read it. That’s the way the lessons inside of Wealthy Affiliate are done.

Kyle one of the founders gives the lessons in a video and then writes the lesson down under and after the video. This way if you don’t learn it one way you’ll learn it the other.

Then they have got Jay giving live training s when ever it is appropriate. With his world renowned Q&A as he likes to put it.

Whether a video blog is a real thing or not I’m not sure but it sounded like a good idea to me. Just as video e-mail sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to check into that and find out.

Make It A Movie !

Video is the way to go now everyone is going video. YouTube is bigger than Facebook today. Having a video channel with YouTube is almost mandatory if you’re going to be a marketer.you tube image

It’s so hard to get emotion into just writing it down. You can punctuate the hell out of something and still not have it received the same as when you read it to someone.

The things I write are sometimes very funny. When I, read them to my friends they all laugh like hell. But when I let them read them alone they don’t come over as funny. And they are written the same as before with the punctuation in the right place.

Maybe that’s why back in the 30s and 40s radio did so well because with background noises just the way somebody spoke or how long they held one sound in a word you got an understanding of how they felt about something. You can’t really do that with writing.

Unless of, course you are reading it to someone else. But reading it to yourself leaves out a lot of the emotion.

You can change the whole attitude of a book by the way it’s read or portrayed on the screen. A drama becomes a comedy or a documentary becomes a mystery.

Videos are after all an interpretation of what is written. Of course that is one reason they are much more likely to convince people to do what you are trying to get them to do.

If I were any good at doing videos you’would have seen one by now but we’ll get to that soon enough first I want to talk about great writer’s. A great writer is able to describe a scene in a way you can tell if it’s hot in the room when he’s writing it.

As my old man used to say ” If you can tell a man to go to hell in such a way that it makes him look forward to the trip then you’re a success”

Some people just have a way of saying things for instance Will Rogers who said ” Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment”Will Rogers

Great writer’s read everything it doesn’t matter what it is and great writer’s learn something in everything they read. It doesn’t matter what the subject is or how bad it’s written he or she will learn something even if it’s a negative they will have learned another what not to do.

That’s why I’ll never be a great writer. Usually what I’m reading is instructions to something or Ads, very seldom do I read a novel. Sometimes I read magazines or news papers or articles on the internet.

I learn from these things but it’s more of a common sense sort of writing, you know the average I did well in school and I’ve continued my not so expert ways as an adult. I learn the common man sort of stuff.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to write something that could give you every thought, emotion, sight, noise, smell, sound, sense, a person was experiencing . Some writer’s can do that but not me.

What was it we used to say in school ? We fix everything the difficult we do immediately the impossible will take us a little longer. Or I’ve done so much with so little for so long I’m now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Now some of that might have been a little clever but great not so much. Great writer’s can make you feel a thing with their description.

Great writer’s ad and draw emotion to and from their readers, they can feel how you are going to feel when you read it therefore they can react as if they were right there when you felt it.

Don’t know about you but I just made that up and it sounded pretty profound to me. LOL

Okay here’s the part where I put the video if I can think of one.

Well did you learn anything from that ? Hope so even if it was what not to do. Cause that was very scary and very uncomfortable.

I hope now you know what is a video blog just writing this taught me something I didn’t know.

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