Building a Website Business.

Building a website business is an endeavor once tackled that will give you a solid foundation for successful long term profit making money

This will also give you a site to collect emails and to place your monetary offers.

Domains & HostingDomains and hosting

You’re asking yourself how can I build a website, well that’s one of the easiest parts of creating an online empire.

What you have to do is find a domain name that draws a lot of attention but doesn’t have a lot of competition and is available.

Then you find a hosting platform and register the name once you’ve paid for the name and the hosting.

I’m sure there are other website platforms out there but I suggest you use word press.

After choosing your website platform you will need to choose a theme and then you can start finding website plugins that will enhance your site.

Believe me there are tons of them out there and word press has just about any kind of plugin you might be looking for.

Website Prowess

Next comes building your website up with content and placing your headers and widgets where they will lead your subscribers and visitors where you want them to go on your site.

See I told you building the site was the easiest part. It’s the rest of the process that tends to be a little tricky.

Knowing exactly where to put everything isn’t something that comes natural. For this you will need some mighty fine training.

Something that teaches you what it takes to entice your customers to want to visit your site regularly and browse through your offers and content.

If you would like to claim 2 free websites and hosting all you need to do is click here

High Dollar Stakes

Anyplace I’ve seen is not a cheap commodity it will usually cost you a pretty penny for this kind of training.

Mentors are quite expensive and you never know what you’re going to get.scammer gurus

Everybody out there has a gimmick or a system that as advertised will make you rich overnight.

Finding the right mentor is a hit-and-miss kind of situation. There are plenty of good ones out there though it’s just finding the right one can be painstaking.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Dream Come True

However I have a solution for you. Where building your website can be done in less than 30 seconds and you can start for free.

Not only that but you will get 2 free websites plus free hosting for both sites.

Along with 10 free lessons on affiliate marketing and 10 free lessons for being certified as an entrepreneur.

With a free keyword research tool that will give you the right keywords to get your site ranked in Googles search engine.

It will also help you find domain names, uncover profitable niches, brainstorm ideas, or analyze your websites progress.

These are just a few things you will find. It also has a support system that is second to none with a community of about a million and a half members.

All willing and able to give you any kind of support you may need so you will never be stuck or not know what to do money

The place I’m talking about is Wealthy Affiliate. One of if, not the best affiliate training site on the internet.

The founders Kyle and Carson have cut no expense in finding the best support staff and coaches to guide you in your internet endeavors.

Add Em All Up

Let’s take a look at what you get inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. First you get 2 free websites with hosting.
  2. 10 free affiliate lessons.
  3. 10 free entrepreneur certification lessons.
  4. A keyword research tool, for finding domains, niches, and brainstorming ideas.
  5. Live, training s with some Internets highest paid entrepreneurs. And as Jay say’s his world-famous Q&A sessions you can ask anything you want to know about online businesses.
  6. A support staff that is second to none, which you can access 24/7 with a one on one private conversation.
  7. A live chat option where you can message anyone inside of Wealthy Affiliate.
  8. And a help center that enables you to ask the entire Wealthy Affiliate community anything you need to know and that’s quite a community. Everyone of which is willing to lend a hand. You wouldn’t believe the comradely inside of the community in Wealthy Affiliate.

Hands on training from Kyle one of the founders and every lesson is personally given in text and a video Kyle performs for every classroom.

Going to Vegas

It seems every year they have a contest. Having 300 people referred by you will win you a fully paid trip to the annual conference they have for the top achieving entrepreneurs.

Where you can go meet and hobnob with some best affiliate marketers in the business.

I’m looking forward to picking their brains for some closely guarded secrets that I’m sure they all have in their online strategies.conference trip

They also have all the analytic s you will need to keep track of your progress and give you insight to what your competition is doing different from you.

So you can cut them off at the pass and lure some of their traffic onto your site.

You’ve Just Started

Of course everything I’ve told you about except, the trip to Vegas, Is absolutely free.

If, you’re serious you can go to a premier level for 49 dollars a month or you can get it cheaper by signing for a year or more.super affiliate

With a premier membership you get.

  1. 50 websites.
  2. 70 lessons in affiliate marketing. That is 7 courses of 10 lessons.
  3. 50 entrepreneur certification lessons. 5 courses of 10 lessons.
  4. Over 3000 plugins for your word press website.
  5. Your own Authority WA blog.
  6. You can earn money creating your own training videos.
  7. Site Speed to amplify your website loading time so you can rank higher in Google search engines.
  8. Site protect which is a three layered protection program to prevent spam and the possibility of hackers high jacking your site.
  9.  Sight comments so you can engage with your website visitors and create more involvement with your website.
  10. Site Feedback so you can keep track of how your visitors behave on your website. How they react to your design and the overall flow of traffic on your site.
  11. 24/7/365 site support from the site administrators who will address any issues you might have immediately whether it’s dinner time or any other time of day.
  12. Powerful servers, Powerful sites, premium membership offers next level hosting with real services comparable to $250=$300 per month hosting packages.
  13. You can beautify your content with over a thousand beautiful graphics and fully optimized images you can integrate onto your site.
  14. Plagiarism checker so you don’t have to worry about stealing someone else s content.
  15. You get unlimited searches inside of Jaaxy you can use for keywords research.
  16. 100 scans for tracking your website rankings.
  17. Plus you get Niche revelation and discovery for picking the best niches that are hot at any given time.
  18. You can reverse engineer any website out there to find out what they are doing and what’s leading to their results.

Plus expert mentoring and support and a community of over a million and a half members you can call on 24/7/365.

I would say that is an outstanding offer you will find nowhere else on the internet.

So if, you really want to build a website to start your own online money maker Wealthy Affiliate is the place you want to be.

Nobody else does it better and they damn sure don’t do it as cheap. Like I said the best deal on the internet.

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