Try not to get Scared !

Try not to get scared

When I first started trying to make a living online I thought to myself. I know there a lot of things on the internet that I don’t understand but try not to get scared.

So despite what my son and other people were saying about everything online being a scam. I went ahead and took the leap.

I’ll bet you have those same feelings. All I can say is try not to be scared because if you’re scared then you won’t take that leap.

And believe me it felt like a leap. Leaving everything you know about doing business in the real world behind.

Not really though because you have to bring your good sense and your good morals and intentions along with you into the virtual world.

Yes it’s a big step going from the physical into the virtual.

It’s kinda like learning how to walk and read all over again. Every application is different.

They all get set up different and they all have their controls in different places. You’ll have to learn each app one at a time and that takes time.

At first, I was scared to do anything that might get me obligated to something I knew nothing about.

After a while I started checking out some trial apps they had, you know try it before you buy it. Although it, doesn’t seem possible a lot of those things are a scam.

Come to find out you can start a business online with no money but in order to progress you have to put money into it.

Nobody gets something for nothing. I realized it’s an investment you have to put something in to get something out.

You’re right to be a little scared but that can’t stop you from trying. You’re just like me I have no doubt and just like me you’ll figure it out.

There are so many people willing to show you the way.

Getting in touch with someone that knows what they’re doing is no problem.

Especially if you get into the same affiliate program I;m involved with.

At the time I started, I joined Wealthy Affiliate and then wandered off to do something else.

So for the first six months I went through so many programs it seemed like I was a member of everything on the net. But none of it worked.

Going back to Wealthy Affiliate was a fluke. For some reason I got stuck in there and didn’t know how to advance but I decided to give it one more try.

This time I took my time and gave it an extra effort.

Come to find out the people inside of Wealthy Affiliate are more than happy to give you all the information and assistance you need.

To get yourself set up for a long term relationship with your customers and the other affiliate programs necessary to survive online.

However, if you’re like me you hate to depend on other people. Once, you get to know the people inside it’s not a problem at all.

Website building becomes fun when you feel like someone cares. Everything you need to do is explained in simple terms.

Kyle one of the founders does all the lessons clearly so you can understand everything that needs to be done.

Not only that but the other students do video tutorials to teach you some other things related to running your own business.

I’ve met more people in here, I mean friendly people, than I knew all together before I joined.

I’m talking about intelligent people. A lot smarter than me I’m thinking.

I’ve only been at it for a month now and you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve learned.

I’m beginning to feel like a real authority. Right now I’m learning how to capture a video and stick it into an email or how to put it into one of these articles I write.

Considering going into business online is a good thing. Don’t let the fact that it looks hard or you don’t know what you’re doing stop you.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place on the internet to learn to market online. Besides becoming certified to be an entrepreneur.

They will also teach you how to become an affiliate marketer.

You can start the whole thing for free. In fact, you can even continue for free because they not only give you a website but they also take care of your hosting and then they teach how to manage the whole affair.

With a little patience you can start making a living online for free. But I’m sure you’ll upgrade once you find out what it’s all about.

What I’m trying to tell you is give Wealthy Affiliate a try and you will agree with me.

Being scared is no longer an excuse.

Doing this will give you the money and the time and freedom you deserve. Us cowards have to stick together.

We can succeed given the right information and support. So like I said try not to get scared.

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6 Replies to “Try not to get Scared !”

  1. Why are people specifically scared to start their online business?
    First of all, there are so many online scams out there and secondly, most people fear failure and think that they will lose their money.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a trustable platform where anybody can join and create their online journey with confidence. Thanks for sharing a very informative post.

  2. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, wealth affiliate is the place to be in this line of work because of the training that wealthy affiliate has is so on point and legit. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community that has amazing people who are more than willing to help you have online success.

  3. It’s so true. Being scared is not an excuse. You have to be self motivated and take action. Thanks for an awesome blog post. I hope it will help many folks to realize the capibilities in them.

  4. Hi Robert,

    Yes, for sure, stepping into the virtual world at first is scary..!

    I remember being petrified of making a mistake that Google would never forgive me for, as a result of which my website would be blacklisted for ever more and I’d be done for.

    As it happens, I did make a mistake and my then website was blacklisted but it turned out to be not such a big deal after all, because I was able to get it cleared.

    I do agree with your last point: get stuck in and learn from the mistakes you will inevitably make – if you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying anything new. And, therefore, you’re not making any progress!



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