Great Affiliate Programs

Seek and Ye Shall Find. So that’s exactly what I did and what I found surprised me a little. I found some great affiliate programs.

Evidently I didn’t know what an affiliate program was, and I’m still not quite sure if I do. Almost everybody has an affiliate program of one sort or another.

I found that some really big ones I’ve never heard of. Imagine being on the internet for a year and not knowing where to look for the companies you need to do business with. Man do I feel dumb!

ShareASaleScreenshot of a Shareasale Ad

This is the first affiliate program that is huge that i never heard of and I can’t understand why.

You think I would have heard of the biggest one first. Anyway this affiliate program has many merchants under its management.

The companies under their management are paying very fair commissions for your services. I think I’m starting to understand how this is going work.

I am beginning to think I could make a living doing this. After all, it isn’t that hard. Inside of ShareASale is everything you need to start your own business.,


What to say about Amazon. I think everyone on the planet has heard of them they turned what was a book store into one of the biggest businesses on the internet.

They are kinda like Walmart. If Amazon, doesn’t have it then they don’t make it.

It’s hard to imagine that Amazon started out as a book store. Look at it now, the second or close to it, the largest site on the internet.

Amazon represents darn near every product there is for consumers to buy. As long as your not buying jumbo jets or railroads.

They have everything you could want for personal items or household items.

Being an affiliate for Amazon would mean that you were an e-commerce marketer meaning that you sold physical products.

Which could also include digital products in the form of CD or DVD.

EBay Partners NetworkA Screenshot Of The Ebay Logo

Here is another affiliate network I never thought of. I don’t understand why not because

I’m always getting emails from them. This affiliate network that has everything.

Affiliates with eBay also have the opportunity to download an extension for their browser that will send people to their pages.

This way you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get traffic. It’s already displayed on your site and everywhere else you happen to be visiting.

ShopifyScreenshot Of A Shopify Ad

This is a drop ship affiliate program which is a different from amazon because with drop shipping you are responsible for refunds and returns and everything else.

Since I don’t do drop ship I don’t quite understand how this works so I will leave it up to someone who does drop ship to explain this to you.


Now here is something I do know. Many people have based their whole career on clickbank alone.

If you, are in the digital information business clickbank is the place to be. They deal in the digital.

The internet is the information highway and clickbank is in the information business.

Clickbank even has a program inside called clickbank university. This program is intended to teach you everything you need to know to earn a living in the digital information age.

Rounding out the Top eight

Rakuten,Leadpages,Studiopress round out the top eight affiliate programs. But there are so many programs that I could go on forever.

So you know that when they say there is plenty of money for everyone to make a good income they are absolutely right.

Which brings, me around to my next affiliate program. Having all of these programs is not good enough you need a website, a place to send all of your leads and a place to centralize all of your offers and to collect email addresses for your email service.

In order to get your site ranked good enough to do any good you have to fill your site with content and that content needs to be pertinent.

And to be pertinent you have to have content that is using words and phrases that people use to look up these programs.

That is where you have to do research to find the keywords people type into google.

That’s when you need a research tool and that research tool is Jaxxy. Jaxxy is the one tool you need for finding keywords.Screenshot Of Jaaxy Dashboard

I happen to be an affiliate for Jaxxy so while you’re here in my website go to the Jaxxy page and you can pick up a free membership to make sure you are on top of the right content to make you money.

Jaxxy is the research tool that most affiliate programs recommend. So go to that page and get your membership for free.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to profit online and the programs that are out there are in the business of supplying you with products that sell.

It’s just like they say if you make money they make money. The reasons these programs exist is because these vendors can’t reach everybody and they need your help to spread the word in the way of advertising.

Joining the right affiliate program can lead to big commissions and big profits in the internet marketing field.

So don’t be afraid to join a few and experiment with as many as is possible.


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