What Is Online Marketing And Advertising

People are always asking me what do You do online? I tell them affiliate marketing. They ask me what is online marketing and advertising so I try to explain it goes like this..

Just a Representative

First of all I try to explain that there are many kinds of marketing online.But I do affiliate marketing because it’s the easiest way to start a business online.

With affiliate marketing you do not have to worry about any kind of inventory or customer support or warranties or upkeep on any products.

All you do is pick a product that someone else is selling and send traffic to it. They do all of the hard work like videos to display the product. Explaining what the product is and what it does and how it works.

Everything that needs to be explained or demonstrated is already done by the product owner. all you have to do is grab an affiliate link and point people to it .

When they click on your affiliate link it takes them to a sales page where everything is already taken care of by the owner. The way they know you are the person to get paid is that every affiliate link is person specific you’re the only person to have that particular link.

Then when somebody purchases something you earn a commission and the commissions are sometimes 100% so you make just what the product costs.

This way it doesn’t matter what the product is it could be anything. As long as you send the traffic and people buy you get paid.

E commerce Is Not For Me

Another kind of marketing is eCommerce that’s like Amazon or Ebay where you are selling physical products like when you have your own store. or you just sell products from the websites that they own.

The only problem with that is the commissions are very small sometimes only 5 or 10% and to make any money you have to sell so many of them.

I mean they do all of the shipping and customer support and keeping the inventory stocked. That’s why Amazon has so many warehouses and employees.

Then you still have to worry about keeping up with returns and refunds. When somebody takes a product back you have to give the money back.

Another type of marketing is drop shipping. I never bothered to check out how that works but I’m sure it’s the same as e commerce.

Too many details and responsibilities for me and not enough money.

another to make money online is pay per click. That’s when you send traffic to an offer and anybody that clicks on an offer you get paid whether they buy anything or not. As long as they click.

Paid Or Free

All of the traffic is easy to get it just depends on whether you are using free traffic or paid traffic. Paid traffic is faster. You go to a site like Udimi or one of the other paid traffic sites.

Then there are a thing they call solo ads that’s where someone has a very large list of subscribers and you pay them to send an ad to their list and people either buy or not.

The thing is you never send them straight to an offer because if you do then you are leaving a bunch of money on the table.

You always send the traffic to an opt in page first where they have to give up their email address before they get to see the product. This way you collect their address in your autoresponder so you can email them any time with more offers.

This is where the automation starts you just write the emails put them in your autoresponder and schedule them to go out automatically so your email provider takes care of sending them out for you.

Because as they say the money is in the list the more people you have on your list the more people you have to sell to. Anytime you want to make any money you just send an email and the people on your list buys the product you make a commission.

People call this a passive income, you make money no matter what you’re doing sleeping ,vacationing, staying home to be with your family. No matter what.

The other kind of traffic is free traffic. Free traffic is usually taken from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any of the other social sites on the internet.

To do this you have to grow a following so people are paying attention to what you’re doing online and know you well enough to go where you are pointing them to.

SEO And Search Engines

Another kind of free traffic is search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You get traffic fro these search engines by using keywords and content.

Which is driven from your website. The more relevant your content the higher you rank in these search engines. The goal is to rank on the first page. It’s kind of like the old yellow pages only instead of alphabetical order they go by keywords and relevance.

And how many people are engaged with the content you post on your site. Google is the largest and most influential but the other search engines have a lot people that use them to find things online also.


Last but not least by far and gaining ground on the rest of them is a site called Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual site that is a search engine within itself.

The way pinterest works is you use boards and pins to advertise what you want people to see. With the social sites you place ads to sell but they want you to stay on the site.

With Pinterest you use the pins and boards to advertise but here you use them to send people off of the site to where you want the traffic to go. When people click on your pins it’s because they are looking for something to buy.

At this particular time women are the largest audience trying to find things on Pinterest. After all we all know they control all of the money anyway.

But men are now taking leaps and bounds to catch up. Men have finally discovered that this is the place to go to shop first. So our numbers are catching up in a hurry.

The Whole Story

Actually there are thousands of ways to make money marketing online. In fact there so many ways it’s very easy to be distracted and drawn off of your destination. That’s why it’s so important to stay focused and keep your eye on the goal.

When people first start trying to make money online they get what is being called shiny object syndrome. Which means they buy anything that looks like it may be a possibility. And never stick with any one thing long enough to give it time to take hold and work.

I think that pretty much covers the what is online marketing and advertising

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