Work at Home Careers

I think it’s fantastic that everybody wants a work at home career. Do you know why? I’ll bet not, because I’m not thinking that a work at home career has to be done at home.

Think about it. Having a laptop puts anywhere you happen to be “at home” right? It’s like those pictures of people with there laptops and a lounge chair on the beach.

You’ve seen them, man I’ll bet that really sucks. Can you imagine all that stand in your laptop, what a bummer.

Editing Jobs?

You wouldn’t believe how many editing jobs there are and how many companies are looking for editors of some sort.

The variety of editing jobs is as plentiful as the types of construction jobs they have out there.

Let’s start with Video Editing Careers. I can’t tell you how many people are advertising for video editors but I can tell you this if that’s the career you want to get into you’ll have plenty of work.

They’ve got so many that I even found jobs for assistant video editors.

Social Media is always and I mean always going to need video editors and they need them in all levels of experience from entry level all the way up to the most experienced veterans.

And Media developers for social media need editors as well as design and architectural editors.

Who can make anywhere between $35,000 and $80,000 a year

Did you know that you can even get into the Medical Profession online as an editor of medical records and pharmaceutical supplies.

Data entry is another one needing editors.

Insurance Comparison Sites

Insurance companies are everywhere today and they are all trying to get your business and who do you think straightens up all of those policies that are getting written every day.

That’s right editors and I’ll bet you that 99% of this work is being done at home.

At least that’s where you have been telling them you’re doing the work from.

Remember what I said about working from home not always meaning from home.

And when you’ve got insurance companies doing all of this insuring you’ve got to have Insurance Comparison Sites.

Otherwise, how would you know whether you’re getting the best deal out there?

I mean you’ve got Geico,The General, the All Hands people, and State Farm just to name a few.

Creative Writing Careers

Talk about online careers creative writing covers enough area that a whole population of people could be in creative writing careers.

Being a creative writer can be about virtually anything.

You could be a Novelist, Playwright,Screenwriter,Columnist,a Legacy Writer or a poet and write poems for Weddings, Funerals and even Births.

You could write Greeting cards or Comic books or you could write articles or ads or you could freelance as a fiction writer.

Maybe you want to be a ghost writer or a lyricist or blogger. If none of those maybe you want to be a coach or a consultant. You could even write video games.


Online transcription jobs are available in abundance and they come in every profession. Besides transcriptions there is Accounting and Bookkeeping.

And careers in Art and Design. I’ll bet you didn’t know this either you can even do Jury Duty online.

Virtual call centers are another choice, You can get the software to set up your own virtual call center right at home.

Using the telephone to enlist workers is a surefire way of knowing you’re in touch with a real person.

It’s a little like being a telemarketer except you don’t have to report in at a central location along with all the other employees and put in your however many hours you have on your schedule.

Now see there’s the culprit right there. That’s the dirty word you don’t want to hear (schedule),

The difference between work at home and having a regular job.

There’s no such thing as a schedule with a work at home job.

Unless it’s a schedule you have written for yourself and have the will and self motivation to uphold.

Virtual Careers

There are jobs that the only way they used to be done was from the Brick and Mortar businesses where you did your shopping, the place where the items you purchased were stored and delivered from.

But now you can do those jobs online. Jobs in customer relations and customer service, customer support and customer representatives.

Amazon is another place where you can get virtual jobs this is called e commerce.

All you have to do is put up your virtual store front and drive traffic to it.

It’s the same as Amazon except you get a commission on everything being sold. Different commissions for different products.

Dropshipping is like this you find the niche you want to be in and partner with whoever the store owner is and they do all the shipping, storing, delivering, and customer service.

And when a product gets returned there the ones that have to worry about the refund.

And then you’ve got your simple typing jobs for data entry or writing emails to companies clientele when they’re having product launches or specials for some holiday.

You can find a listing of every one of these jobs in places like Google, Pinterest Linkedin, Facebook.

Just about any of the social sites on the internet has a listing for virtual or online jobs.

Wrapping up I’d like to say from now on every business out there be it virtual or brick and mortar is going to need to do business online in one way or another.

If they aren’t advertising they had at least better have a web page or a listing of some kind because that’s the information highway and everybody is on it.

Now I want you to know this is just an opinion but I think you’ll agree with me right?

A work at home career is really the way to go.

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Robert Garrison

Where did They Hide all the Drunks?- A Social Commentary


Where did they hide all the drunks – A social commentary





I’m writing this as a Social Comment, because I think society is having some serious adjustment issues and they need to be addressed. It looks like we are having reverse evolution problems.

The 20th Century

Bootleggers and Medicine Shows

In the early 1900s people used to gather at night clubs. And entertain themselves at places like vaudeville or other entertainment venues like Broadway.

Then in the 1920s or 30s there were speakeasies and social balls. Soon in the 1940s the Big Band era came the New York Nightclubs and Dance offs where couples would win prizes and popular personalities would emcee.

Then before World War 2 you had USO clubs and people would get together at home and play board games or cards.

Or go to cafes or coffee shops where they would listen to poets or Jazz musicians.


During what I like to call the Leave it to Beaver era

Just about the time I was conceived people out here in the west would congregate in neighbor hood bars and ballrooms.

You also had Drive ins or Fancy Theaters like the Fox or the Paramount in downtown Phoenix.

When I was in grade school  my parents were both what some people call Honky Tonkers.

Meaning my Dad would, while in his early twenties and thirties be a bouncer for a few of the local dance halls.

Since he and my mother were both Country Music lovers they would frequent these dancehalls.

This is around the same time that Playboy Magazine was in it’s hayday and American Bandstand was on television every Saturday.

My Early Coming into Puberty Years

About the time I was getting out of high school,I didn’t graduate I got out as a junior and went to work after a years vacation.

Between 17 and 24 I got into the construction workforce. As my Dad set me up with a couple of his buddies as an apprentice Dry wall hanger which was in the late 60s or early 70s.

Right around this time is when they started having very large Rock Concerts like Woodstock and bands like the Who or Cream and the like.

Here in phoenix we were having big concerts at the Veterans Coliseum and some of the baseball stadiums.


On Fridays we would all meet at the local bars to cash our checks and play some pool and have a few drinks and socialize or we would meet at peoples houses and play cards or go to the drive in for a movie.

During My Prime

I hope you are all following me and know what I’m talking about. while in my 30s and 40s during my second marriage we started going to the clubs.

What we in Phoenix refer to as Honky Tonks Places like Mr. Lucky’s or Grahams Central Station.

They were both Rock and Roll and Country These places were real popular and had a crowd seven days a week. In fact they were so popular that there was a bar on every corner.

There were live bands on the weekends in fact a few of them had live bands every day of the week.


This went on till I was in my late 40s or early 50s. While meeting in these bars we would play pool and have dart tournaments or play Texas Holdem.

Fads Fade and Trends Turn

Then for what seemed like no reason at all over the next two or three years. They all closed or moved away. It got to be there were no Honky Tonks or Dance Halls locally just neighbor hood dives.

They all had karaoke a couple of nights a week but still drew a pretty good crowd. Mostly locals, everyone knew each other and would see each other a couple of nights a week.

Currently Socially Lost

After a while even those crowds started thinning out and people were falling away a few at a time.

While others were just out growing the fad because they were getting married and raising families or just passing away.

Now every once in awhile you may run into one of the old crowd.

Maybe you can tell me why this is happening. I mean you see it don’t you?

Do you remember when meeting someone new in a bar was common place? Hell I met two of my three wives in a bar.

You know this is nothing like the older days when people would gather and party.

If you know of anyplace that is still like that let me know. I’d like to see that again.

Predictions and Conclusions

Seems to me like the invent of the smart phone and the rise of the internet where they have places like Facebook, Google ,and twitter,if you can call them places.

Since they’re really just virtual places and not some place you can stand in or go to.

Now people don’t have to leave the house or congregate any where to keep in touch.

Which is probably a good thing seeing as how terrorists and lunatics are targeting anyplace that draws a big crowd.

About the only place you’ll find a huge crowd anymore is at sporting events or special holiday events or maybe when a big celebrity is putting on a personal appearance for a concert.

The way technology is evolving and society is de evolving you will probably see the virtual world completely take the place of the real world. 

I mean eventually everything will become virtual or they will start streaming everything like they do webinars on the internet.

People won’t even have to leave their houses to see sporting events anymore.

Don’t you think that this will mean people will lose their social skills and communication skills will break down.

People will be able to do everything from home. There’ll be no reason to personally socialize with other people.

If you think I;m completely full of it and you see it a different way please leave a comment and give me your opinion.

That’s why Where did they hide all the drunks- a social commentary kind of seemed like a good article to write.

I’d love to hear what you think. Maybe you’ve got a solution to this whole scenario.

Affiliate Email Marketing-Money in the Bank

Affiliate Email Marketing- Money in the bank is something I’ve heard since I’ve been online.

Trying to do affiliate marketing with a website is probably the most used strategy there is.

This way you;ve got a place to send your new customers where they can browse through the articles that you have to offer.

You can easily pick up new customers through your ranking in Google if you know how to get a good ranking with SEO. But there is a better way.

Learn Affiliate Marketing with Aweber

As autoresponders go Aweber is one of the best. They have an email marketing system that makes it easy to learn affiliate marketing.

Once you sign up with Aweber They offer you the opportunity to be on their newsletter list which has classes for email marketing.

Teaching email marketing is one of the things aweber does best.

They will send you lessons whenever you need to learn something. It’s important to learn marketing strategies.

Writing emails and getting it right is one way to ensure that your business will continue to grow and prosper.

I’ve been using aweber for about two years now and I receive their lessons in my emails and try to follow their advice.

Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any type of affiliate marketing.

With aweber you can be sure they will teach you the best way to make sure your emails end up in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Nobody opens emails from the spam folder. So if you’re going to make any money and get your emails opened it’s a must to be in the inbox.

.Blueprint for Creating and Selling

Aweber has a Blueprint for creating and selling successful online courses.

The tools and guidance you need to use them are part of their ongoing effort to ensure that you are a success in your email business.

Getting your emails opened is just part of the equation.

After getting them opened you need to know how to get people to buy.

Your conversions are the biggest part of making money if you can’t convert you’re lost.

They have a saying in email marketing that goes, Opens are for egos, it’s the conversions that get you paid.

Growing Your List

In order to have a successful Email business you need to have a large list of subscribers.

Picking up new subscribers is a talent in itself. You can find all the tools and strategies you need inside of aweber.

They keep updating their resources and sending you these updates continually. To make sure you have the latest ideas and trends available.

Things change on the internet so fast sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But email marketing is what aweber does so they know all the latest trends.

.Follow Ups

Autoresponders are where all of your newest subscribers are sent.

This is where they are stored so you can follow up with your welcome letters and with your agenda.

So they will know what to expect like how often you will be emailing them and what your business is all about.

You can send broadcasts, which is a one time announcement to all your subscribers.

Or you can send your response letters as your subscribers sign up.

They have a follow up legacy that will time your emails so everybody goes through the same process.

And they also have analytic s so you can tell which emails are opened and which strategies are working and which ones aren’t.

This way you’ll know when to continue to use a campaign or when to change to something different.

All of your stats are kept inside of your aweber account.

Emails and Affiliates

The purpose of a lead page or a squeeze page is to get people to opt in so you will have them in your autoresponder.

Being an affiliate marketer is the fastest and most sure way to make money online.

Having a list of subscribers instead of having to buy traffic the cheapest way to be an affiliate marketer.

Many people have made the mistake of marketing and sending traffic to an offer without collecting email addresses so they can use the same traffic to make different offers to.

As long as you have a list then you always have traffic. That’s why they say the money is in the list.

And learning to use that list is all in your ability to write engaging emails.

Converting your subscribers into buyers is also in your ability to write engaging emails.

Learning affiliate marketing through emails is the intent of every affiliate marketer and having an autoresponder is an intricate part of email marketing.

I know this has turned into an advertisement for Aweber but I think everyone needs an autoresponder.

And I think Aweber is one of the better products out there.

Affiliate Email marketing is money in the bank and one of the primary ways of earning a living online.

It is the one way you can be sure you have an audience to pitch to and if you can learn how the most profitable.

So I suggest you go to Aweber and sign up for their free application to try it out.


Online Jobs for Felons

Online Jobs For Felons

Being in prison is not something anyone wants to experience but it happens and when it does it will change your life completely.

You lose all of your rights and you’re marked for the rest of your life.

Every one waits for the day they get released but that’s not the end of your problems. In fact that’s just the beginning.

After you are released the first thing you get is put on parole or probation. Which means, living in a halfway house.

The first thing they want you to do is get a job and start supporting yourself.

I’m sure this is exactly what you have on your mind too. So you go online looking for a list of employers who hire felons and you notice that all the jobs for felons or ex felons  are either very low paying or very labor intensive.

As with anything else there are a lot of programs out there for felons like for housing, food and clothing, health, cash assistance.

They have apprenticeship programs and substance abuse.

There are programs they call second chance programs that teach you how to write better resumes and there are even programs for transportation.

But the one thing you don,t  see to much of are programs that introduce felons to internet marketing.

I think this is an oversight because teaching someone how to set up a business online is just about the best thing you could do for them.

It’s like teaching someone to fish instead of giving them a fish.

.Being Your Own Boss Jobs

Have I got news for you. The best and surest way to get a job is to start your own business.

Did you know that you can start your own business for free? Isn’t that amazing?

I mean for free! Of course that is for a trial period so you can see if this is the kind of thing you want to do or not.

Starting your own company would surely make you the boss.

Earn Money Online Without Investment?

There is no way to earn money online without investment because you are either investing your money or your time.

Which do you have the most of? Once you, get past that the rest is easy.

How to start business online

Starting a business online is very easy to do you just pick out one of the mentors that is giving away free lessons with free businesses and join up.

If you, look around I’m sure you’ll find a few. In fact,

I happen to have a couple of good free business offers you might be interested in.

I know how it is to look for a job every day and find nothing because you’re a felon.

My son is an ex felon and I have watched him struggle day after day trying to find work that isn’t demeaning and pays enough to support himself. The opportunities are just not out there.

Online it doesn’t matter what you did before starting here everyone starts with the same level playing field.

You can become a success as well as anyone else it doesn’t matter.

That’s what I’ll be telling my son and I’m sure he is smart enough as I’m sure you are.

You just have to know the opportunities are there all you have to do is be willing to put in the work.

Start a Small Business Online

The one answer I see that makes sure you get an even break is to start a small business online. Afterward you can scale up as big as you want to.

The business opportunities are endless on the internet and any brick and mortar business that isn’t online will soon be out of business.

Thing is, this is the place to be in business so why not start out here.

I have some awesome people on my web pages and a few of them will be more than happy to give you a business of your own.

I may have gotten a little off track but my point is it doesn’t matter what you did before, convict or no convict this is the perfect place to take those lives experiences you’ve had and put them where it will do you some good.

I wasn’t quite through ringing my own bell yet we’ve got some real opportunities on this site so go ahead mosey on around and check it out.

So you can see why online jobs for felons was sort of a way for me to try and talk to the felons I know personally.

And please at the end leave a comment so you can help me straighten out my act.

Here’s hoping to see you on the other side. Robert Garrison

How to Make a Real Income from Home


How to Make a Real Income from Home

You’re not making enough money to survive at your job or your not getting enough from your social security check after retirement.

who gives a sh&&&t

Maybe you’ve got too many ex-wives and you can’t keep up with the overhead.

There are a million reasons out there for people to want to earn an income online.

So here it is how to make a real income from home. Or  how to make an ex happy and get her off your back.

No matter what your reasons are if, you’re thinking of earning money at home on the internet then, you’ve got the right idea.

Billions of dollars change hands on the internet every day. You hear it every day, on every radio or stereo  ever made.

Every other commercial or every other ad you see online. Has some guru telling you how much money he’s made from this thing or that.

Or you get to see the brand new car he’s driving or the brand new mansion he’s living in then you see him traveling the world just getting ready to board his new Lear jet.

I’ve heard so much about doing business on a beach somewhere that the waves are beginning to make me sea sick.

You know I’ll bet that’s really uncomfortable on the beach with all that sand in your laptop.

Well I hate to admit it but it’s all true. It’s all they say it is. There’s only one catch.

You have to figure that out for yourself no I’ll tell you.

Online Income Opportunities

The secret to making money online is a combination of a lot of little things. Not just one thing.

Because there are so many ways and so many internet income solutions to choose from. When you stop to think about it the number of ways are astronomical.

I mean just to name a few you’ve got drop shipping, that’s where you don’t have a warehouse full of items you don’t have to worry about shipping or being out of stock.

All you do is represent someone that does have a brick and mortar business.

You sell their stuff for them then you earn a commission on whatever you sell. You take the orders and relay that to the company and they do the rest.

Another one is having an e-commerce website like Amazon or Shopify that sells everything.

Only problem with that is the percentage of the sale is much smaller so you have to sell a lot of whatever to make any real money.

Also, you could have a website that is a blog and you make money from the ads other people put on there.

Your blog could be a business blog and you offer ads in your content so you make an affiliate commission whenever someone buys.

By acquiring  a large list of subscribers you could make money as an email marketer.

All you have to do is send them offers from the affiliate network you’ve become associated with and  make commissions on anything they purchase.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income

Then you’ve got something they call funnels. These things are so cleverly designed. You send visitors in one end and collect money at the other.

They lure you in with a free gift of something like free e-book or a free report or training guide. They collect your e-mail address and now you’re on their list.

You see that’s the thing there are so many sometimes they’re hard to tell apart. And there in lies the problem.

You start out trying to learn one thing and that gets side tracked by something very similar and then again something similar to that does it again.

Pretty soon the first thing you know you’re learning is stretched from  one thing to another so far you’re trying to learn everything and you end up with information overload and just give up.

But if you do put it all together you’ll end up with multiple streams of internet income.

And that’s the goal. This is the way you can achieve the income that’s required to support yourself.

That is why we have so many internet income solutions. We feel it’s important to show you the whole picture. You may be good at one thing and not another.

With access to the right education anything is possible. The products we endorse are proven to work.

When,I first got started I kept hearing the same thing from all the people teaching about the business.

Being a success means never giving up and finding a person that’s already made it so you can emulate them.

Do exactly what they did. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Always use what’s working.

Another thing is you don’t have to have a physical product. You can also market information and education.

Which is exactly what I am doing on this site. With education, you can create your own product in the way of e books.

One intelligently written and informative popular book could make you a rich person overnight.

Look at Rich Man Poor Man author Irwin Shaw he became an overnight success. Although I’m sure he put in the years of work to come to that point.

And it always helps to have case studies. This way you have examples and proof of results that your students can see and understand.

Putting Online Income Opportunities together

What I’ve been trying to do is encourage you to dig in and take seriously the thought of home internet income.

But don’t let numerous and diverse possibilities of achieving your goals confuse you.

Keeping your eye on the ball takes a lot of concentration and focus. Oh yeah it’s going to take some time too.

So don’t let anyone come along and sell you a pig in a poke an instant get-rich-quick scheme because there is no such thing.

It’s going to take a lot of work. At least to set things up. then you can start thinking about that 4 hour work week you’ve heard so much about.

Having a real internet business takes some time and some hard work. The first thing is you have to have a website. I know they say funnels are going to take the place of websites.

But not anytime soon. Everybody needs a home page.

Building a website is the easy part that only takes seconds.Then you need to establish a brand and be around long enough to get people to trust you.

Next you need to write content interesting enough to make people want to read it.

To quote one of my mentors all you need is education,website and support. I know where you can get all three.

There’s a place called Wealthy Affiliate. They will give you two websites free hosting and ten free lessons in two different platforms.

In the first platform you can get certified as an online entrepreneur and in the second affiliate bootcamp, you learn affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for free take the 20 free lessons and then decide if it’s right for you.

The lessons are great, given by one of the founders in a video and written at the same time. So you can go at your own pace.

Plus you have a community of about a million and a half people all willing to help if asked.

This is a sure fire way to establish an online business even though it takes a little longer. But like they say you need to put down a solid foundation before you start to build up.

Wealthy Affiliate is the one place I can assure you to learn how to build an online business.

So if you  learned how to make a real income from home I suggest you jump up and do it.

If you , have learned anything from this article or if you have a question please leave it in the comment box below. And please like and share.