What’s Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work

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I’m sure one of the questions you have is What’s Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work and why should I join?

There are plenty of places to get started with your marketing experience and if you’ve looked around enough I’m also sure you’ve come across a site called Wealthy Affiliate.


As An Affiliate Marketer

You will be competing with some best marketers on the internet but don’t let that discourage you. There are enough buyers out there to give anybody that decides to become an affiliate marketer people to sell to.

The first thing you need to know is what affiliate marketing is all about. You say you just find a product that you think people will want to buy and start advertising it. Boy wouldn’t it be nice if it worked just that way.

Let me tell you it doesn’t. I don’t know how long you’ve been online, if this your first time or if you’ve been doing this for years but getting started with internet marketing is a real challenge.

There is so much to learn and the first thing you need to learn is the best place to get the knowledge. You can go find someone to teach you everything you need to know and that is going to cost you a pretty penny.

But you’ve got to ask yourself how do I know if it’s right for me? Not everybody is cut out to be an affiliate marketer and after you’ve paid for lessons already it’s a bad time to find out it’s not for you.

Getting Started For Nothing

There is one place where you can start for nothing. First let me say this I’ve seen advertisements saying you can start making money without a website and you can but if you’re going to start a business online you need a website.

All the people telling you don’t need a website have one believe me. A website gives you a place to send your audience. It gives you a centralized location a place to do business from.

Now about that place where you can get started for free. This is the ideal way to get started in affiliate marketing then if you discover it’s not for you’re not going to lose anything when you quit.

Wealthy Affiliate is that place. Here you can get started for free they will give you a free website with free hosting and ten free affiliate marketing lessons. This ought to be enough to tell if it’s a right fit for you.

Knowledge Is Power

At wealthy affiliate they’ve got everything you need to start and maintain a thriving business online. Once you’ve decided that affiliate marketing is for you.

That’s the time you’ll want to go premium. Going premium will cost you $49 a month but for that you get 25 websites plus 70 lessons in affiliate marketing and 50 lessons to become a certified entrepreneur.

Inside of wealthy affiliate you get one of if not the best keyword research tools on the internet. Jaaxy is the research tool used by wealthy affiliate.

Plus the lessons inside are given by Kyle one of the founders and every week there is a live training given by Jay Neill. These training s cover everything you need to know to be in business online.

Not only that but you get all the support of a community of a million and a half like-minded entrepreneurs all willing and able to give you a hand anytime you might get stuck.

Believe me when I tell you they have got some pretty smart people within wealthy affiliate. I was amazed at some things I learned like how to set up your website with the best SEO strategies for attracting the most traffic possible.

Just Comes Natural

People that are really interested in making a living online have become members and with the training and support you get inside of wealthy affiliate if you take it seriously and do the training and follow the lessons just as they have been laid out.

There is no way to go wrong it becomes like painting by numbers everything is set up in such a way that becoming a businessman successfully is just the end result there is no way to avoid it.

They have just implemented some new platforms inside they now have an affiliate program where you can get the best affiliate networks to work with also giving you a place where you can gather all of your networks together and communicate with your network managers and they can collect data and advice from you.

This makes the whole looking for items to promote a lot easier and convenient. While finding ways to improve your ability to promote and profit from your advertisements by keeping in touch with the people you’re promoting from.

Carson and Kyle are always working on new ways to improve the training and your ability to reach your prospective audience.

Everything For You

Besides giving you 2 free websites and hosting plus the 10 free lessons everything else inside of wealthy affiliate is set up for the students benefit so you get the latest updates and improvements available.

I may be prejudice because I’m a member but that’s only because I know how effective their training s are and how much effort they put into making sure you are equipped with the latest tools and the best training so you are at no disadvantage to anyone else on the internet.

So if I were you and I was serious about starting a business online the first thing I would do is sign up for the free websites try following the free lessons and seeing if the internet was somewhere you think there is money to be made.

Knowing you have to see the same advertisements I do and listening to the guru’s tell you how profitable the business has been for them should leave no doubt it’s out there if you want to put the work in to get it.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but there is definitely a lot of money to be made just by putting in the time and effort. Sitting there wishing you could figure it out is not the way to profit. You have to jump in get your feet wet and keep pushing till you finally understand what it is people really want.

Remember nothing gets done just by wanting it so do yourself a favor and see what comes of it. You really will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get.

So get up off your mouse and go sign up the sooner the better. Now is the time while the iron is hot so they say because it’s easier now than it has ever been before.

So instead of asking yourself what is wealthy affiliate and how does it work go sign up and find out. NOW.

How to Build a Website for Dummies !

How to build a website for dummies applies to me pretty accurately believe me I was the big dummy when I started building this website.

Now I’m not gonna say I haven’t made or, should I say built a few websites cause I have. I’ve got three or four of them out there somewhere but I haven’t developed any one of them into a destination as yet.

Building a website is easy it’s just a matter of.

  1. Deciding what niche your going to go into.
  2. Researching for  domain name.
  3. Looking for a hosting company.
  4. Knowing where you want to go.

I think that last one is as important as any of the above.

Because having a destination gives you something to gauge, something to measure your progress against.

It just so happens that I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and here we use a siterubix platform to build websites and they work with word press.

The first thing you need to do is decide on your niche and your domain name and website name. The website and the domain should usually have the same name but they don’t have to.

On a word press platform you just fill in the information and press go. They will build the website for you. But then you go into your back office and start picking your theme and plug-ins.

In wealthy affiliate you’re already set up with hosting and security and plugins like SEO, image optimizer, editor, and a lot of other stuff.

As far as themes go in here they have 12 free themes to choose from but you can go to word press and sign up and get access to about 4400 of them.

From there you just start adding your menu and sidebar it’s all pretty much a matter of taste whatever looks good to you.

When you start adding plug ins it gets pretty confusing. From what I’ve come to understand it’s best to keep it under ten because if you get to many they can start to conflict with one another and slow down your loading speed.

This is not good because google counts loading speed as one of the major factors in ranking your site. The farther you are from the first page the less traffic you will receive.

Inside of wealthy affiliate Kyle one of the founders gives the lessons for becoming a certified entrepreneur and this will give you everything you need to become successful online businessman.

Just a Matter of taste

By now you’ve got the whole thing constructed and it’s just a matter of writing your content. This should be information about the purpose of your site and what you have to offer your public.

You must be concise so your traffic has all the information required to know exactly what makes you different than anybody else on the internet.

First you’ll probably want to do reviews of products you may be promoting so they know what kind of advantages your products have over other products that are similar.

In order to rank well in the search engines you will want to research your keywords and make sure your’re using words that your ideal client uses to find the things he or she is looking for.

You’ll also want to make sure you link your articles to your website and to the pages that your product is on. This is where your affiliate link comes in. Tracking the sale back to you so you get the credit and the commission for any items they may purchase.

At the end of each article you should call for some kind of action be it clicking on a link to take them to your sales page or a survey where you can find out who your audience is and what they want.

It also gives you a chance to offer them something for subscribing to your site and opting into your email list so you can send them to your autoresponder.  Anthony Morrison likes to call it one of your profit centers.

The actual building of the website is the easiest part of the whole process. It only takes a few clicks and a few seconds and you’re done.

Having a Vision

A clear picture of what you want to accomplish and who your ideal client is will be a big step in the right direction. You need to know who you’re selling to so you will know what their problems are and how to solve them.visionary

I’ve been told to picture them in your mind and even draw up an gr-avatar so you can get personal which will make it easier to relate and get down on their level.

Solving your audiences problems is what is going to put your site at the top of their list. The more relevant value your site has the better you will connect with your customers and the more you will convert to sales.

That’s why picking a niche you are familiar with or want to learn about is the best idea because you’re going to be writing content and unless you’re familiar with your product you will burn out quick and content will be difficult to come by.

Like I said before I am a member of wealthy affiliate and they will give you 2 free websites with hosting and all of the necessary security and everything else it takes to have a business.

But we are not the only ones to offer free websites there plenty of other businesses that will offer you the same but I do believe we are the only ones to offer free affiliate lessons to go with that site.

Inside of wealthy affiliate you will also find one of the best keyword tools on the internet in Jaaxy. Besides keyword research Jaaxy also offers a place to store your list of keywords.

Plus they have a way to find out what domain names are available and an area for brainstorming and a website ranking tool for finding  exactly where you stand in your SEO efforts.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a community of like minded people that are willing to give you support anytime you need it. Along with Jay that delivers live training’s every week.

This is the one sure fire way to start an online business and learn everything that it takes to make that business a long existing means of income.

The Simplicity of The Right Education

So if you are just a beginner or if you’re an intermediate level marketer or an experienced marketer needing to brush up on what you already know.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place you want to be. It’s the best buy for the buck. All you have to do is click on one of the links I’ve set up in this article and it will take right to the sign up page.

Where you can sign up for free and after you’ve experienced what wealthy affiliate has to offer I’m sure you will want to become a premium member.

A premium membership is only $49 a month. I’m sure you’ll see the value once you’ve been inside. So go sign up now and do yourself a favor.

The real reason I wrote How to build a website for dummies is because I was that dummy. I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated like I was when I started this venture.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Programs That Make Money Online

Programs that make money online are a dime a dozen so I thought I would give you a heads up and maybe a jump on the other entrepreneurs trying the same thing.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to start making money online.

One of the Internets largest.and most well established affiliate networks is Clickbank this is a website full of digital products designed to make money online.

Not only can you find just about anything you want to promote inside of Clickbank you can also become an affiliate for Clickbank.

Meaning you can make money promoting Clickbank itself not just the products inside.

Two more of the same type of affiliate networks are JVZoo and Warrior Plus these programs are everything an affiliate marketer needs to become a success and start crushing it online.

Social Media

You can use the many types of social media to make a profit online. Probably the most common way is to buy ad space and run an ad for some affiliate product you’ve picked up.

For instance you can start a fan page in Facebook and run your opt in page right on the fan page or you can write up an ad and run that on your fan page.

Facebook may not be your cup of tea so you go to Pinterest and create some pins with your website URL and hope to drive traffic to your offers on your website.

Then there is Instagram or Linked in any one of these social networks can be used to advertise your brand or your affiliate offers.

Partners and Paydays

There are also people online that are already successful entrepreneurs that are selling partnerships in their business. People like Anthony Morrison.A Picture Of Anthony Morrison Offering Admittance To One Of His webinars

This guy has been a 7 or 8 figure earner for over a decade now and holds webinars every week to give free advise and training. He has a whole library full of applications and strategies he is selling.

Things like Crypto Masterclass, Email Domination, Fan Page Domination, Funnel Hacks Bootcamp, Mastery Funnel Club, Inbox Inner Circle, and The Ambassador Club.

Partnering with Anthony seemed like a good idea so I did. The ambassador club is the one I paid to get into but I haven’t been able to make a profit as of yet.

It’s because I don’t really get it yet and I’m not promoting it like I should. I know it will make a profit as soon as I understand what I’m doing.

Then there is Brendon Mace I also bought into his business. It sounds like a good idea but I haven’t quite got my website set up right yet although I’m working on it. Working on trying to understand it.An Image Of Brendon Mace

Last but not least there is Devon Brown I have paid for three of his done for you business’s. First is Web Copy Cat, second is Easiest Systems Ever, and finally 12 Minute Affiliate.

Now I can say that Devon is the only one I’ve made any money on but it isn’t much. The problem with Devon’s programs is I haven’t had the money to send traffic to it yet.image of Devon Brown during one of his videos

Speaking Of Traffic

For a while I was a member of FLN or Finish Line Network. It was supposed to be the next big thing and I stayed in it for as long as I could then had to drop out.

Thing is while I was a member they suggested that I use solo ads to send traffic to the offers inside so I did. Since I had to drop out all of the traffic I sent was a waste of money. I can’t collect even if one of my leads buys something because I’m no longer a member.

I also became a member of Now Lifestyle with Joel Therien but I couldn’t afford to stay there either.

As I was saying before while I was a member of FLN I bought solo ads from Igor Kiefets and ended up having him build me a list of about 8,000 but I haven’t been able to convert any sales yet.

The Old Fashioned Way

So instead of trying to do something I can’t figure out I’ve decided to do things the old fashioned way. I’m now a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of about a million and a half entrepreneurs all willing to lend a helping hand if there should be something I don’t understand or if I should get stuck.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner
The Best Learning Platform On The Internet

The reason I’m writing this article is because I’m learning to build my business from the ground up. That starts with building a website and then writing content to set myself for SEO ranking.

Two guys named Kyle and Carson started wealthy affiliate. Inside they teach you everything you need to know to become a successful online business owner.

Kyle delivers the lessons in video form along with written text. Every week live training’s are delivered by Jay Neall or Magistudios by his user name.

He does a different topic every week depending on what kind of questions the people inside are asking about at the time, all of which are very informative and full of excellent advice on what to do to keep your website up to par.

They have so many smart people inside you can get advice on anything you may be having trouble with.

They also teach you how to create videos for your site and how to upload them into YouTube so you can get a following there and make money.

They also have a real good keyword research tool and app. It’s called Jaaxy and it’s one of the best keyword research tools on the internet.Jaaxy Banner

Besides giving you great keywords it also has a brainstorming section to help give you other ideas with the keywords you’re using.

And an analytics section so you can track how you are doing in google and the other search engines Bing and yahoo. Plus it will let you know what domain names are available to help in your SEO rankings.

Over All I’d Say

So as you can see there are an abundance of money making programs out there. All you have to do is decide which program is right for you. Jump right in and be consistent with your efforts and work yourself into a routine.

Something where you’re keeping to a schedule and make sure you know where you’re headed so you can measure your progress and see that you’re efforts are not in vain.

Give it the right amount of time don’t give up and just keep slugging away. Eventually you will build the platform and foundation for a long sustaining profitable business. Where you can earn what they call a passive income and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So why don’t you cruise through my content and find something you might like to try. Remember you can join wealthy affiliate for free.

They will give you two websites with free hosting and ten lessons for free on how to become an online entrepreneur. So you can live the lifestyle you deserve and have the freedom to enjoy what you have.

What you need to do now is to click on one of the links I’ve given you in this article and get to work while the opportunities are still available.

Like I said when I started this article programs that make money online are a dime a dozen.

If, you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment box below.

Take The High Road To Life

where to learn to live the high life

The first thing I’d like to say is if you learn to manipulate the internet in the right way it will be easy to take the high road to life. This seems to be the one place where a beginner can start off with an even playing field.

You will have the same chances as anyone else to learn and earn your way to success. From what I understand it’s just a matter of drive and consistency.

I’ll admit I haven’t quite made it yet but I’m on my way. I’ve been doing this for about a year now and I’ve learned so much. Sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight.

 Having A Plangame plan

That’s the first thing you need to have is a plan because if you don’t have a plan you don’t know where your’e going and if you don’t know where you’re going you won’t know when you get there.

What I mean is you have no way of measuring your progress. Joining an educational affiliate network and then just following the lessons will not make you an internet businessman. 

You need a clear and concise idea of where you;re headed. You’ve got to know what you expect to achieve. Then you’ll know what you need to do to get there.

Or, at least you;ll have a good idea. This way you won’t waste your time doing things that aren’t helping you to achieve your goals.

It’s so easy to get distracted with all of the email coming into your inbox everyday. You’ll get what they call shiny object syndrone and you’ll be buying one thing after another trying to find one that will make you instantly rich.

There is no such thing. The only way to get rich on the internet takes a lot of hard work and it’s not something that works overnight it will take you a while.

As I said before I’ve been at this for over a year now and still haven’t seen enough profit to keep me in cigarettes. Working on my websites has kept me busy for at least six hours a day 7 days a week all that time.

Although I have seen a rise in the amount of traffic I’m getting and I’ve noticed my list is growing and more people are opening my emails.

In time this will turn into a thriving business I’m convinced of that. Eventually I will come up with the right offer at the right time and the business will take off.

Let’s talk Techonline technology

Being born as a baby boomer I wasn’t growing up with a keyboard or a game controller in my hand so it took me awhile to get the hang of how things are done online.

Learning to surf the internet was a little confusing at first but I finally figured how to get around pretty good but that is just the beginning.

Afterward finding a good reason to be online was something that took me some time it seemed like the only good reason was to play video games.

But then pretty soon everything was going online. You could shop online get in touch with your friends, find information, apply for jobs, and even make a living.

It got to be if you weren’t listed online somewhere you didn’t have a lifeline to the rest of the world. All companies started listing online if you aren’t listed online now no one knows who you are.

Now everything is on the internet. The only problem with that is every business online uses a different application to get and stay there.

Learning how to use these different apps is challenging because you have to know where everything is stored and how to access this information.

This is where it gets a little technical. Knowing how to get around in this new atmosphere takes a lot of prior experience. It also takes a knowledge of what other people are looking for and how to manipulate them into using what you are supplying.

That’s the way to profit from being online. Learning the ins and outs of using the applications that allow you to reach other people and to show them what you want them to see is a matter of technology.

To be able to display the ads and ideas you have. The technology it takes to place things like pop-ups, opt-in pages, bridge pages, links, autoresponders, videos, and every other thing you need to become an entrepreneur online.

Training Is The Keycoaching

Finding the right training is mandatory. Everybody is a newbie at one time and we are all looking for a way to learn how the whole thing works.

There are done for you applications, people that will show you how to start a blog, companies that will teach you how to create your own website, and so many scammers that offer you get rich overnight schemes.

It’s hard to know where to begin. You’ll notice that everyone of these choices no matter what the road you choose to go down tells you the best thing to do is get 1on1 coaching. Everyone tells you that’s the way to skip all of the headaches.

They say if you want to learn fast and skip all of the stupid mistakes they made and jump right into earning money 1on1 coaching is the way to go. They will even supply this coaching for a price.

But what if you don’t have the money for the coaching they provide. If, you’re like me and so many other people you are not rich. It cost quite a bit for someoe to take their time to teach you how to set everything up and the skills it will take to keep it running.

There are so many different things to learn it could take a long time to learn everything and then it keeps changing all the time.

You may as well become a permanent student which is what everyone on the internet is anyway since there is always something new to learn.

A community Of Entrepreneurs

Besides the 1on1 training there is another way to learn everything you need to know. There are companies out there that have the right training and the right teachers and something else instead of 1on1 hold your hand training.

I’m talking about whole communities of entrepreneurs willing and able of to help you with the training and support you need to achieve your financial goals.

Not having enough money to afford 1on1 coaching should not be a reason for stopping you from achieving your attempts at starting a business online.

With the right lessons and the right support you can learn to become a success at whatever venture you decide to undergo.

Whether it be affiliate marketing or writing a blog or any other niche website you delve into the right community can make all the difference.

Something For Everyone

The company I have become affiliated with is a very good example. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of about a million and a half entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs.

They are set up for the beginner and the intermediate even for the experienced wanting to refresh on things that are new or things that they haven’t used for a while.

They have two teaching platforms inside of wealthy affiliate one is for entrepreneur certification and the other is called affiliate bootcamp.

Both teach you how to build a website so you will have an established business ready to continue to earn you money far into the future.

One built on a solid foundation to endure whatever changes may come about so you can make money no what direction the internet happens to take.

I suggest if you are looking for a way to break into the make money online business and you are working on a tight budget that you find a place like wealthy affiliate.

Where you have all the right lessons and the right support you need to teach you all there is to know about making a living online.

You can learn everything you need if you just follow this link.


When you do then you’ll know how to take the high road to life.

I wish you all the luck you need to succeed.

Robert Garrison

PS; If you found this article helpful or if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate ?

When I first saw the e-mail from Devo Brown with the title The 12 Minute Affiliate that’s exactly what I wondered. What is the 12 minute affiliate?

A Done For You Business

After reading through the e-mail I decided to clink on the link. After all Devon is the only one who has sold me something I’ve made money on.

Not only that but when I bought his Easiest Systems Ever he even gave me a free vacation. Having quite a few choices and never having been to the south I chose Gatlinburg.otel in gatlinburg

Thinking at least I won’t have to worry about getting my passport. Since Tennesee is in the United States.

Funny thing is he is giving away another free vacation if you sign up and finish the checklist within 72 hours. I think I made it but we’ll see.

This time he has choices like Cancun, Puerto Penasco, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Acapulco,Phuket, and a few others. Naturally I picked Vegas for the same reason and besides it’s close.

All Done For You

This is the same type of system as Web Copy Cat and Easiest System Ever but a Few things Have changed.

This one seems to give the user more choices with what you can modify it with and where.

But still he and his team have done all the heavy lifting for you. The syste this time is all laid out according to niche. There are three of them.

1. Home Business

2. Fitness and Weight Loss

3. Personal Developement

All you have to do is pick one. They have e-mail swipes written for each niche. They also have funnels with a bridge page and an opt-in page.

Not sure how many they’ve got but they are all niche relative not according to product. So as long as you’ve got a product in that niche it will coincide with the funnel and e-mail.

The Platform Is Simple

From the minute you login to your members area everything is laid out for you.

First you’ve got a Home category with subtitles like Getting started then step by step then on to getting coaching.

Devon stresses this point very much he says that it will make all the difference in the world as far as getting a fast start out of the gates. Having someone hold your hand and show you every move you need to makeis a lot better than trying to figure it out yourself.

Then you go down to niche funnels and like I said there are only three of them. Of course there are quite a few funnels in each niche.

You’ve got your preset funnels ad then you’ve got custom funnels. Here you can skip the opt-in page and just start with the bridge page.

Doing it this way you will need to go to an affiliate marketplace to find your own product to offer. But it works real good when you are trying to send a broadcast to an already existing list.

Other wise your sending traffic to an opt-in page and if they are already on your list it’s a waste of time.

Having A Group In Facebook

There is also a group page in facebook for members only. This is where we go to catch some of the training webinars Devon does.

It’s also where you go to post any victories you may have like subscribers or sales. This is an up place not for any complaining or problems. That kind of stuff is for support.

You are not allowed to post any other affiliate links here either its just for the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

Looks to me like they’ve got quite a few members too. And I’ll bet you won’t find a sad face on one of them.

Haven’t seen any banners or the like yet but I’ll bet if they don’t have any now they soon will..y fan page

Done For You Traffic

There is a listing for done for you traffic where you go to order bundles of traffic according to what you can afford.

He’s also got a listing for other traffic sources which is where you go to find other places to get traffic like social sites.

And I kow you can drive traffic from forums and groups but if you don’t keep it all straight in your head it becomes a state of confusion.

There are so many ways you can put it all together but you gotta make sure it fits.


One of his first topics is an education center This is where Devon does video training’s and discussions as it were.

Since the broadcasts were live at the time and he was answering questions on the air, as they say.

I’ve seen them they’re very informative. It gave me a whole different perspective or point of view.

Then there is a personal development library along with top affiliate products and free e-mail swipes where everything is already written for you.

And niche divided funnels that are not product sensitive. I know that sounds strange or, it does to me anyway.

Final Thoughts

I’ve just gotten into the program but I know I liked his prior done for you systems. And I think this system is much improved.

I’m going to stick with it and give it a shot. It sure looks good on paper. I can relate to the way Devon delivers himself. I guess I mean his attitude.

Who was it that said Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. Oh yeah Will Rogers.

In my opinion it’s well worth the money if you’re serious.

Go check it out then you won’t have to ask what is the 12 minute affiliate.

Well don’t just sit there go.