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There are a boatload of ” Gurus ” and people giving away businesses on the internet. Many of these are scams. I’m here to tell you about one that is not only giving a business but more than one he is also giving free marketing courses at least twice a week.

Anthony Morrison is the creator and CEO of Morrison Education with 15 different courses and 10 original marketing and automation driven softwares.

Experience Plus

Starting in business as a used mustang parts seller and driving that business to a quarter of a million dollars a year. Then becoming an affiliate for a bank card company and driving that to a quarter of a million also.

As Anthony likes to tell it until Google changed algorithms and put a stop to all of his traffic which put him out of business immediately.

The reason he became an internet marketer in the first place was his Father invested his life savings in a company that had a big public scandal so he lost everything. Anthony felt it was his place to help keep the family from suffering over this so he started into business.

Becoming such a success landed Anthony on CNN and several other business and news programs. He even ended up with a show of his own. He was also an author having written two books.

I am an affiliate of Morrison Education since I own four of his courses and more. The first course is Inbox Inner Circle, this is for people that are new to email marketing aiming to increase your opens,clicks,and conversions.

The second is Success Connection a marketing course where he gives free webinars every thursday at 9pm eastern. The third is Profit Cycle Blueprint which is a free course that teaches the basics for building a profit cycle business.

And last but not least is The Ambassador Club where I can tap into an 8 figure funnel and make up to $1,997.00 commissions.

These are just four of the 15 different courses available.

Support and Staff

Besides himself Anthony has eight other executives at Morrison Education.

There’s project manager Nick Lewis

And COO Josh Siegal

Chris Cook videographer,Ricky Leyva lead designer, Latesha Burroughs lead developer,Felix Lebel developer, Brittain Morrison executive assistant and last but not least Matt Klusman head of support.

A real Fan

The reason I became a fan in the first place was the first time I saw Anthony he was doing what I guess you could call a promotional tour.

He was flying around the country setting up businesses for three people he didn’t even know. He was doing this in person I mean he would fly to their house meet them then go inside and set up a business on their computer in an hour or so  for them then he would leave instructions and then fly off to the next house.

After a week the people he did this for would video tape an update of the business he had set up for them and each one of them had thousands. I thought this was the coolest thing I had ever seen so I immediately became a big fan.

I thought if I can associate myself with him I will make money on the internet.

But I think maybe the company has grown too fast because I’ve heard of some people complaining about the amount of time it’s taken to get a refund back after requesting it. Other than that and the fact that I seem to have slipped between the cracks this is a damn fine company. Doing everything they can to produce successful entrepreneurs on the internet.

Anthony does a webinar every Thursday night for free it’s  called success connection. He’s been giving away funnels, email swipes, ebooks, and profit cycles.  The way he gets so excited when he;s talking about making money makes sense.

The courses that are inside of Morrison Education I believe will definitely make you money.

I’m telling you this guy is great. And he has some fantastic ideas on how to get a business started online.

The only thing you’ve got to know is starting in the marketing business may be free but staying in them is not. To

If you had followed him around when he was setting these businesses you too would have been amazed.

I am still amazed at the way he started the three businesses I saw him start in person.

Robert Garrison

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