January 6, 2019

How to Make a Real Income from Home


You want to Earn an Income Online

You’re not making enough money to survive at your job or your not getting enough from your social security check after retirement.

who gives a sh&&&t

Maybe you’ve got too many ex-wives and you can’t keep up with the overhead.

There are a million reasons out there for people to want to earn an income online.

So here it is how to make a real income from home. Or  how to make an ex happy and get her off your back.

No matter what your reasons are if, you’re thinking of earning money at home on the internet then, you’ve got the right idea.

Billions of dollars change hands on the internet every day. You hear it every day, on every radio or stereo  ever made.

Every other commercial or every other ad you see online. Has some guru telling you how much money he’s made from this thing or that.

Or you get to see the brand new car he’s driving or the brand new mansion he’s living in then you see him traveling the world just getting ready to board his new Lear jet.

I’ve heard so much about doing business on a beach somewhere that the waves are beginning to make me sea sick.

You know I’ll bet that’s really uncomfortable on the beach with all that sand in your laptop.

Well I hate to admit it but it’s all true. It’s all they say it is. There’s only one catch.

You have to figure that out for yourself no I’ll tell you.

Online Income Opportunities

The secret to making money online is a combination of a lot of little things. Not just one thing.

Because there are so many ways and so many internet income solutions to choose from. When you stop to think about it the number of ways are astronomical.

I mean just to name a few you’ve got drop shipping, that’s where you don’t have a warehouse full of items you don’t have to worry about shipping or being out of stock.

All you do is represent someone that does have a brick and mortar business.

You sell their stuff for them then you earn a commission on whatever you sell. You take the orders and relay that to the company and they do the rest.

Another one is having an e-commerce website like Amazon or Shopify that sells everything.

Only problem with that is the percentage of the sale is much smaller so you have to sell a lot of whatever to make any real money.

Also, you could have a website that is a blog and you make money from the ads other people put on there.

Your blog could be a business blog and you offer ads in your content so you make an affiliate commission whenever someone buys.

By acquiring  a large list of subscribers you could make money as an email marketer.

All you have to do is send them offers from the affiliate network you’ve become associated with and  make commissions on anything they purchase.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income

Then you’ve got something they call funnels. These things are so cleverly designed. You send visitors in one end and collect money at the other.

They lure you in with a free gift of something like free e-book or a free report or training guide. They collect your e-mail address and now you’re on their list.

You see that’s the thing there are so many sometimes they’re hard to tell apart. And there in lies the problem.

You start out trying to learn one thing and that gets side tracked by something very similar and then again something similar to that does it again.

Pretty soon the first thing you know you’re learning is stretched from  one thing to another so far you’re trying to learn everything and you end up with information overload and just give up.

But if you do put it all together you’ll end up with multiple streams of internet income.

And that’s the goal. This is the way you can achieve the income that’s required to support yourself.

That is why we have so many internet income solutions. We feel it’s important to show you the whole picture. You may be good at one thing and not another.

With access to the right education anything is possible. The products we endorse are proven to work.

When,I first got started I kept hearing the same thing from all the people teaching about the business.

Being a success means never giving up and finding a person that’s already made it so you can emulate them.

Do exactly what they did. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Always use what’s working.

Another thing is you don’t have to have a physical product. You can also market information and education.

Which is exactly what I am doing on this site. With education, you can create your own product in the way of e books.

One intelligently written and informative popular book could make you a rich person overnight.

Look at Rich Man Poor Man author Irwin Shaw he became an overnight success. Although I’m sure he put in the years of work to come to that point.

And it always helps to have case studies. This way you have examples and proof of results that your students can see and understand.

Putting Online Income Opportunities together

What I’ve been trying to do is encourage you to dig in and take seriously the thought of home internet income.

But don’t let numerous and diverse possibilities of achieving your goals confuse you.

Keeping your eye on the ball takes a lot of concentration and focus. Oh yeah it’s going to take some time too.

So don’t let anyone come along and sell you a pig in a poke an instant get-rich-quick scheme because there is no such thing.

It’s going to take a lot of work. At least to set things up. then you can start thinking about that 4 hour work week you’ve heard so much about.

Having a real internet business takes some time and some hard work. The first thing is you have to have a website. I know they say funnels are going to take the place of websites.

But not anytime soon. Everybody needs a home page.

Building a website is the easy part that only takes seconds.Then you need to establish a brand and be around long enough to get people to trust you.

Next you need to write content interesting enough to make people want to read it.

To quote one of my mentors all you need is education,website and support. I know where you can get all three.

There’s a place called Wealthy Affiliate. They will give you two websites free hosting and ten free lessons in two different platforms.

In the first platform you can get certified as an online entrepreneur and in the second affiliate bootcamp, you learn affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for free take the 20 free lessons and then decide if it’s right for you.

The lessons are great, given by one of the founders in a video and written at the same time. So you can go at your own pace.

Plus you have a community of about a million and a half people all willing to help if asked.

This is a sure fire way to establish an online business even though it takes a little longer. But like they say you need to put down a solid foundation before you start to build up.

Wealthy Affiliate is the one place I can assure you to learn how to build an online business.

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