What is the Best way to Build an Email List ?

What Is The Best Way To Build An Email List ?


Building an email list is essential to becoming an internet marketer and there a few ways to build a list.

So you ask yourself what is the best way to build an email list ?

As I, said there are a few ways to accomplish this feat. Probably the easiest and fastest is to buy the list.Banner for solo ads

But anybody in internet marketing will tell you don’t do it.

The first reason being that you’re not sure what is going to be on that list. They have bots that are put in place of real people for manufactured email lists.3 Monkeys See no, Hear no, Speak no,,

This is where you get what is like an answering machine the email address you get has nobody on the answering end of the email letter just a bot that was written up to answer like a machine would.

They also make bots for doing the calling too, in fact they make bots for just about everything.

This is so they can automate it all and not have to be there when the transaction is taking place.

That’s how you make a passive income, automate the whole process.

If you, end up with a list full of bots you don’t have a list at all. The other reason not to buy a list is they are full of phony email addresses.

I’m sure you’ve done this or, maybe not but that;s when you put in a made up address just so you can collect whatever they happen to be giving away for signing up.

There are a lot of ways to buy a list for instance you can buy leads from places like udemy or anyplace you can buy traffic.

You can pick up a list from your solo ads provider if you want to or you can partner with someone who will provide a list for you.Banner for solo ads

Which is different from buying a done for you system and turning to them to buy traffic they have provided for you.

Some of these people will opt in to your list and end up being good customers for a long time.

Anytime you end up with a person on your list you want that person to know exactly what is expected of them and you want them to know what you’re all about and how often you will be sending them emails.

That way they know for sure if they want to be on your list or not. Giving them the opportunity to unsubscribe if you’re into something they have no interest in.banner for reasons to unsubscribe

There are many places you can go to build an email list.

You can get your list from solo ad providers or you can go to anyplace you can order traffic from.

Just make sure you get these people from having an opt in page where they have a choice of whether they want to be on your list or not.

Another place to go to get subscribers is from your social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter just to name a few.

But like I said you need to have an opt in page or as they are sometimes called a squeeze page. For a squeeze page you need a lead magnet.LeadPages Dashboard

That’s an incentive you offer to anyone that puts their name and email address in for you to get something.

Incentives can be anything from a report on some aspect of selling or keeping track of where the sales are coming from.

E books are another incentive, you write an e book on a subject that they want to know more about and offer to give it to them for free for their name and email address.

You can also offer coupons or discounts on something you think they might want to buy.banner showing lead magnets

Courses are another good way to collect opt ins.

Write a course on something you think they want to learn and offer it to them for a sign up.

This course should be related to whatever you happen to be marketing at the time so you can offer them an upgrade.

Done right you can collect a lot of people to your email list.

Anytime you drive traffic to an offer you should be collecting their email addresses so you can make more offers to them anytime you need to make money.

An email list is yours and you can use it as much as you want. No one can take it away it is your business.

It’s what sustains your business and it has a better ROI ( return on investment ) than any other type marketing there is out there.

You’ve heard the money is in the list I’m sure. People have websites so they have a place to send their customers.

And a website is a good place to have an opt in page. When They,  are through shopping on your website you can have them sign up to your list in case you have something else later they might be interested in.

Besides getting a good SEO rating will put you first on Googles search pages so you can collect the names and addresses of the people that are visiting your site.

If you’re, good at being a social butterfly you use your social pages and if you’re good at writing content you use a website.

When you have a good offer people will naturally want to buy and when they buy they will most likely sign up to your list.

So the best way to grow your email list is to use whatever method you happen to excel at.

The more people you can interest in whatever you are doing the faster you can grow your list.

But remember your list should be at a targeted audience. Someone who is ready to listen to what you are saying and ready to buy whatever you are selling.

As long, as you have a list you’re never out of business.

There will always be a way to get them to buy and that’s what this marketing thing is all about. Am I right or not ?

Please if you know of any other ways or if you have any questions leave them in the comments box below. And if you like this article please like and share.

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