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How to do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the fastest and most lucrative means of making money online.

It seems like everybody is trying to find a way to make money online.

From what I gather the easiest way to thrive online is to sell affiliate products. Now you would think there is nothing to it.Ascreenshot of marketing activities

All you have to do is find a product you like and believe in then you write up an ad and post it. Ha! There is your first problem. Where do you go to post this ad?

Let’s see I guess the first place you might want to go is to the classified pages, after all they’re free to post ads.

Only problem with that is, it better be a good ad because there are so many.

When, I started affiliate marketing I was learning from a mentor that told me that was the best place to put my ads in the beginning.

After that, the next thing he told me was I needed to get my own website.

Talk about endeavors I’m still trying to put together a website that is ranked good enough in Google to get me traffic.

As a matter of fact that is what this article is all about.

That is called .SEO ranking Meaning I need to be on the first page when Google is searching keywords for whatever I might be related to.

Which means I have to do a lot of content creating, something I’m not real good at, if at all.

It’s like they say you could have the cure for cancer but if nobody see’s it what’s the use?

Traffic is what it’s all about. You have to get eyes on your page.A cartoon of traffic for affiliate marketing

Business Marketing Leads

There’s another way, with your own email list, that is a list of peoples email addresses, you can become an Email Marketer. Everyone knows “The Money’s in The List”.

This is a very popular phrase in Internet Marketing it means the more people you have on your list the more people you have to sell to.

These people are business marketing leads and there is more than one way to get these leads.

Actually I don’t think that you can count the number of ways there are to attract leads.

A lead is different from traffic in that traffic is like people walking by your store and looking in the window as they walk by.

And a lead is someone that opts in on a lead page. That means they gave you there email address because they were interested in what you had and wanted to know more.

Email is like having a captive audience, you have to be interesting enough to make them open their mail.

A little like leading a horse to water kinda thing.

But don’t think just because you got a list you’re going to be a success.

There are more people out there that had a list and still didn’t make it than there are that did.Photo of a man working online

Marketing Email Examples

Writing emails is an art in itself. Subject lines are one of the most important parts, this is the first thing your customer sees.

It needs to draw them in. Something that makes them want to see the rest of the message.

In the business they have what they call e-mail swipes. Prewritten email letters you fill in your personal links change a couple words then sign your name copy and paste.

How simple is that?But you’ve got to make sure they get delivered to the right mailbox, if you say the wrong thing they will go straight to the spam box.

Nobody opens spam mail.Of course to be an e-mail marketer you’ll need a mail service or as they are better known an autoresponder.

With your autoresponder you can automate your e-mails. Starting what they call campaigns. Where, a series of e-mail letters are sent out over a period.


One method they use are called sales funnels, that is when they have something for free or a very inexpensive item to draw you in.

Then they offer you an upgrade for a higher price and then they have oto’s “one time offers”.

This way they can milk you for as much as possible.

Profit cycles is what they’re called, you send traffic to an offer make a sale collect the money.

Scams are the number one enemy of the true affiliate marketer.cartoon of affiliate intent

The best affiliate marketing campaigns contain funnels so they will have a high ticket product, that’s where the money is made.

With affiliate marketing you don’t really need a niche because you can promote anything. At least that’s my opinion.

Affiliate Website Marketing

Having a website for your affiliate marketing gives you a place to send your new traffic to. Getting traffic to your website can happen two different ways.

You can get free traffic or you can get paid traffic. I think I’ll start with free traffic.

Free traffic is slow because first you need to create a lead or squeeze page.

This is a page with an offer to give away something for free or at such a price it can’t be passed up.

The purpose of a squeeze page is to collect the name and email address of the person, it’s also called an opt in page.

Usually social media is the best way to get free traffic. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter are the social sites most everybody uses.screenshot of the gears of sales and marketingscreenshot of affiliate management

The next way is paid traffic. Paid traffic can be acquired at places like, Udimi, Traffic for Me, and you can buy solo ads which is the same thing as far as I can tell.

Solo ad leads are targeted traffic.

Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest way to get started making money and the most scalable.

There are any number of affiliate networks out there. Like Clickbank, JVZoo, Offerup, and most marketing firms have their own affiliate programs. And they are all free to join.

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best places to learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer is a company that I am a student of “Wealthy Affiliate”.

Talk about having everything you need to start your own business.

You will find that building your own website isn’t that difficult at Wealthy Affiliate they have one of the most comprehensive platforms in the business in SiteRubix.

learning the ropes is easy with the thousands of people in their community all willing to help anytime you feel lost or get stuck.

It’s a place where they won’t let you fail.photo of one man helping another to understand marketing

So if you want to learn affiliate marketing my suggestion to you is .

Go sign up with Wealthy Affiliate the best place on the internet to learn affiliate marketing.

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