“Jaaxy” to the maxi “Keyword” in a blink. A Review

How to make the first page.a picture of two contractors discussing a job

It seems these days the only way to stay in business is the same as it was in days of yore. In the 1980s I was a contracter and it was at this time I realized that finding jobs for my company was going take a little consideration.

The only way I could afford to stay in business was to stay busy so I could afford to pay my employees and still have enough to pay myself and the company. It’s just a matter of staying ahead of the upkeep.

Just like it is online, if your going to keep the lights on you have to make sure you pay the electricity bill. And to do this you need customers.

Now there a lot of ways to get customers, at the time I figured the best way to get people I didn’t know to be my customers was to advertise. But since I had just started my business I had no budget for advertisement it all went for upkeep.A picture of the front page of the yellow pages

However there was one way to advertise that was free and everybody used it and that was due to the telephone. I figured whenever somebody wanted to find anything they went directly to the yellow pages.A picture of the inside page of the yellow pages

And to be found as a business in the yellow pages you needed a name that put you on the first page of your type of business listing so I named my company AESOP’s because I wanted a name everyone would recognize and I wanted it to start with A since the yellow pages were listed in alphabetical order.

Well nowadays if you want to be found in what has taken the place of the yellow pages, search engines and to be ranked in the search engines on the first page you need to use a word everybody uses to find your certain product.

Do you see where I’m coming from here? In order to do this you need to not only think of a word but a phrase and it has to be the most popular phrase.

How do you know how the most popular phrase is by using a keyword finder. Unless you want to take a poll to find what phrase anyone would most likely use. I think that’s a little much. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

Keywords tools analysis.

That settles it, you definately need a keyword research tool. A keyword research tool that will do more than just research keywords. Keywords tools analysis shows that if you can combine a lot of tasks into one app then you can sharpen your point of view.

Which brings me to JAAXY the keyword research tool that does so much more than just look for keywords.A screenshot of the research page inside of Jaaxy

As far as I can tell JAAXY only has one con and that is. You have to have an internet connection to use it.

A photo of the Jaaxy interface

1. Keyword

Shows the keyword you are researching. Jaaxy will give you five keywords for free accounts, 15 keywords for Pro accounts, and 50 for Enterprise accounts. Meaning you will be able to display more keywords at once if you have an Enterprise account compared to a Pro account.

2. Avg.

Shows the average monthly searches a month that this keyword gets. It is estimated, and the actual numbers might vary from what you will get in Google. However, I have found that the monthly average is pretty accurate. There are a number of keyword research tools that are horribly off; Jaaxy isn’t one of them!

3. Traffic

Will show the estimated traffic that you will receive once you hit the first page of Google. Obviously, the higher up on the first page of Google will get you more traffic.

4. QSR

This stands for quoted search result. Meaning that if you go to Google and type in the keyword with quotes (example: “keyword”).  Shows how many competing websites have those exact keywords in their title.

As a general rule of thumb under 300 is medium competition, under 200 is low competition, and under 100 is very low competition. I would suggest for newer sites aim for under 100 QSR.

5. KQI

Stands for keyword quality indicator. You will either see the color green (which means go for it), yellow (which means might be difficult), and red (which means you might want to skip this keyword).

6. SEO

Stands for SEO power. Scans to see if the competing websites have they on page optimization is done correctly. The higher the number (100 the best) means that other competing sites have poorly optimized their websites. You should aim to target keywords that have a low QSR and high SEO value.

7. Domains

Tells you if any keywords have exact match domain names. Personally, I feel this metric is junk. There have been various articles that say Google does rank sites that are exact match domain names. Therefore, I would completely disregard this.

8. Related

Will give you a list of keyword that is similar to the ones Jaaxy is showing you. It helps to drill down deep and find keywords that get good traffic but are low competition.A screenshot of other features inside of Jaaxy

Alphabet Soup

This feature in Jaaxy allows you to brainstorm for keywords. You can type in a generic keyword, and this will give you keyword ideas where you can build content around those keywords. I have used this many times to help brainstorm different keywords.

Saved List

You can save your keyword list so that you can come back and view them later. Comes in useful when you don’t want to write down all the potential keywords you may be targeting. You can put them in different nested saved list.

Search History

Keeps track of all the keywords you have searched in the past. It keeps an ongoing list of all your searches.

Search Analysis

Allows you to search what is already on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can see the top listing sites for any specified keyword. You can view the metrics of the sites already ranking. Shows their title, URL, meta description, meta keywords, word count, links on the site, Alexa rank, keyword density, backlinks, and whether or not they are using Adsense.

Site Rank

You can track your keywords or competitors keywords here. Rather than having to purchase a premium plugin or signing up for a service that tracks your rankings.


Four video training tutorials show you exactly how to use all the different functions with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Pricing

Final Verdict

Overall, I do like using Jaaxy.  It’s one of the best keyword research tools I have used with my business online for nearly a decade.  The pros certainly outweigh the cons!  The price compared to others is a lot cheaper, you can save your keyword list, and get an unlimited number of searches, etc.

You can check out Jaaxy for free if you want.  You get 30 free searches to try out the software.  You don’t need to install any software on your computer because Jaaxy works through your web browser.

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