Instant E-mail Biz Review

The first thing I want to say in this Instant E-mail Biz Review is I was a member for about 3 months and I don’t believe it was a scam.

The story goes like this They will give you the email business all you have to do is pay for the auto responder which is a monthly payment of $30.00 not bad right.

They start you off with 500 subscribers and the only thing you have to do is make sure you send your emails once a day everyday. If you do this they will give you 500 more subscribers every week.

They also give you the chance to kick start your business by letting you purchase an additional 5000 subscribers for $197.00.

Let me tell you this on the first day I sent the emails, oh by the way they write the emails for you there is a list of them all you do is choose the one you want to send, anyway the first day with 500 subscribers I earned about $5.00 same for the second day and every day that week and they gave $100.00.

At the end of the first week I had about $130.00 in my account I thought this is going to be great.

 Pay Day will be Great

Let me tell you the arrangement you have with the people in authority of this project. You make your payments to the affiliate network where you made the original deal, I don’t remember who that was right now, but you make your payments to them.

To collect you are dealing with click aggregators a totally different company and the deal is you cannot collect until you have earned $1000.00. In the aggrement they explain the reason for this which makes perfect sense.

After the first month I had about $200.00 in my account so I said what the heck and I purchased the additional 5000 subscribers.

You see the thing is they’re main sales point is the more emails you send the more money you make. Well after the first month I ended up with 7000 subscribers.

The one thing I noticed is even though my number of subscribers had gone up the amount of money I made every day had stayed just about the same so at the end of the second month I had 9000 subscribers and about $ 275.00 in my account.

Up The Emails

Another plus they offer you is for a price you can send your emails twice a day, I did not buy this. I thought I would just wait and see.

So we went through the third month I ended up with 11000 subscribers and about $350 in my account.

This didn’t seem right to me. I have gained 10500 subscribers and only about $60.00 a month less than I did the first month. Meantime I’m still paying $30.00 a month for my autoresponder.

The reason I started this business is because I was short of money and neeeded to earn some money fast. I was still earning more than the autoresponder was costing me however not having any money to begin with I couldn’t keep paying that bill.

So I let the business go. It just seemed a little strange to me that no matter how many subscribers I had after the three months I had been there I still had less than $400.00 in my account.

I just couldn’t afford to keep paying that bill and not collect anything and no matter how many subscribers I had it was going to take another four or five months untill I reached $1000.00.

Returning To The Business

When deciding to write this article I went back to the members page I had when I was still in that business. They offered to let me start making those payments again and they would add another 500 subscribers to my account.

Leaving me right where I was when I left, which is not a bad deal. However I still don’t have the money to make the payments without being able to collect anything.

It still seems to me like something is not right I mean I can grow the number of emails I send but the money has not equaled the amount of subscribers.

I have no doubt that they will pay when you get to $1000.00 but how long will that take and why are the numbers not showing the right increase in the amount of money?

Not A Scam But What ?

They say they are not a scam and I believe them. They use anyone who has ever reached the $1000.00 as testimonial proof that you will get payed.

My only problem is the numbers just don’t add up. You yourself will have to decide whether or not this is on the up and up or not.

As for me I couldn’t afford to stick around and find out.

I’m not writing this article for SEO ranking or to make any money as you will notice there are no affiliate offers or links.

I’m just offering this article as a buyer beware because it’s not a scam but what is it?

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