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Having a website and writing good content is only part of the equation in order to post free ads and turn your endeavors into a converting money making business you need to incorporate videos.

How to write good content for a website.

This is something we are all concerned with. According to all of the mentors and professionals I’ve been listening to or have been involved with this is an easy process.

First of all you need to pick a topic that you are either passionate about or know enough about to be informative and helpful to your readers.

This is the reason you want to write the content in the first place.

Besides the fact that you want to be able to convert it into a cash producing article.

After choosing your topic you first want to outline your article with a header and subheaders.

Describing what you are talking about in this particular section. Then you want to let the information flow naturally into the article.

Done correctly the article will begin to write it’self . This is how to write good content for a web site.

What I came to talk about is converting a page or a post into a website.

I believe this would be a relatively easy thing to do. I’ve got a man that knows all about this so I’m going to post one of his videos below so you can watch it and learn straight from the source.

a man explaining how to turn a page into a websiteTurn your page into a website

The basic trend of selling or becoming an affiliate marketer has shifted towards webinars, podcasts, and live demonstrations.

There was a time when you could pick a product write a good report or article put it online drive traffic to it and expect to make a profit actually a good living.

Things have changed the public has matured in their expectations and doesn’t react to simple text ads anymore.

Now they have to be entertained so to speak. I would say they need to be wined and dined like a girl expects to be on a first date.

Everybody is doing webcasts or webinars now you can find them doing live facebook promos or sending invitations out in their emails.

The public has gotten spoiled and the whole atmosphere for making sales has shifted.

Webinars are a little more involved you’ll need a web camera and a platform that allows you to record your video and then insert it into your ad.

It’s pretty easy once you get used to it and you can elaborate more with a video.

Giving you the chance to connect with your audience more and it gives them the benefit of deciding whether they you look trustworthy and honest enough to convince them to break out their wallet and make a purchase.

Post Free Ads Online !

Having a website is what everybody used to base their internet business on. In order to have a business before you had to have a website.

That’s how it used to work. Your website is where you kept all of your ads and your products.

People could browse through your content and there decide what you had that they would be interested in.

Today you don’t need a website in order to post free ads online they’ve got things they call funnels.

They are one stop pages that hold the offer you’re interested in and once you’ve either purchased or decided not to purchase they make you another offer usually an upgrade.

When you have seen the upgrade they send you on to another offer which is sometimes an OTO a one time offer or they send you off to a Thank You page.

If, you’ve come to this funnel through a squeeze page or a lead page that’s when they send you to a thank you page after collecting your email address.

Building A List

Collecting your name and email address is a way to keep you on file as a customer.

First the information is sent to an autoresponder where it is collected then they send you off to a thank you page.

The thank you page is where they try to turn you into a buying customer.

The lead or squeeze page is where they offer you something of value so you will opt in to being on their email list.

It all gets pretty complicated if you’re trying to set it all up and write content.

There are a lot of apps that try to make building funnels easy enough for anyone to do.

At first building a funnel was an expensive venture people have paid upwards of $20,000 to have someone build them a funnel.

Nowadays people like Russel Brunson have built websites and apps to teach people how to build their own funnels.

The app I’m referring to is Click Funnels and there a lot more of them out there.

So now you can post an ad without a website. Still having a chance to do a profitable business online.

I hope this is all making a little sense to you. But if you still have questions and can’t figure out how to proceed please leave a comment below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Making the internet easier to use and manipulate is what I’m here for.

So I will be expecting to hear from you if you have any questions or any suggestions please leave them in the comment box below.

And please like and share.





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