February 18, 2019

How to find keywords for your business.

How to find keywords for a website

Website keywords are more than words—they’re a valuable marketing asset. Knowing the keywords that potential customers use to find the offerings on your website is crucial if you want to tap into the huge market opportunity presented by search engines.

Unfortunately, the typical keywords will only get you so far. These tools may give you a list of keywords for your website, but they won’t help you do anything with those keywords.

To get results, you need to organize and act on on your keyword research.

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To find the best keywords for SEO that your site will actually be able to rank for, you must first understand your site’s strength, a.k.a.your Competitive Power.

Focusing your efforts on low competition keywords that are within your site’s Competitive Power will save you time and effort on fruitless pursuits.

In other words, you won’t waste time creating content for keywords that are too competitive for you to rank for.

Your site’s Competitive Power is a measure of your site’s ability to compete in SERPs (search engine results pages).

You can increase your chances of ranking by choosing keywords with a competition score that is at or below your site’s Competitive Power.

Do you already have an idea for content you’d like to create? Is there a site in your industry that represents the audience you aspire to attract? Think—competitors, industry publications, bloggers in your niche, etc

The resulting list of keywords will be generated based on related phrases that people often search for in addition to the seed phrase you entered.

Think of Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought” recommendations. This means that your list of keyword opportunities will be highly relevant to the audience who tends to search the phrase you entered.

Searching by site will generate a list of SEO keyword ideas based on phrases that are similar to those currently driving traffic to that site.

Again, these related phrases are based on real people’s search patterns and will help you create highly relevant content for your target audience.

Now that you’ve got a great list of keyword ideas that are relevant to your site, you can sort and filter to narrow it down to the keywords you want to create SEO content for.

Unlike other SEO keyword tools, this list was generated based on relevance so you won’t need to waste time sifting through thousands of keywords removing the ones that don’t make sense for you.

And because you know the Competitive Power of your site, you also know where to focus your efforts with greater confidence that you’ll get results.

We are looking for a phrase that relates to jaaxy. I went to Jaaxy and typed in find keywords. I came up with about 11 of them out of those I chose how to find keywords for your business.

The keyword tool came up with about 350 for traffic with 13 QSR and 90 for SEO so I used that for my header.

Going back to jaaxy I plugged that in and got how to find keywords for a website with a 2800 word avg a QSR of 73 an SEO of 90 so I made that my sub header.  And from what I’ve learned since I wrote this, that’s probably too many. From what I understand one is enough.

Now all I have to do is come up with content. Now content should be easy so I’m going to set it up this way.

First of all Jaaxy has four different metric scans .

(1) AVG search – That’s for how many times it’s been visited per month for 12 months. Jaaxy measures slip stream data. Google planner groups close variant keywords and misspelled keywords together.

So if you search the keyword with.a different spelling or spelling mistake you get the same value.

This could be disastrous for your website. Because you might be optimizing your website for the wrong keyword. 230 million users around the world use avast anti virus software.

This software tracks google searches and clicks and provides itemized data as a slipstream. But they don’t get accurate results because they use a small sample size.

Volume data can be used to search for keywords that have been banned from google planner.

(2) Cost per click- This is online data it’ tells your on page difficulty score which is how the top ten results for a specified keyword. The ranking is from 0-100 the lower the ranking the better.

(3) Off page ranking tells you how high you have to rank and how many back links you need to rank on this page.

(4) SEO – is ranked from 0-100 below 50 is a good rank and above 70 is a bad rank this is a websites rank for pay per click, this ranking tool can help you spy on your neighbors.

In Jaaxy you have a main keyword tool, site ranking feature, domain purchase area, keyword research training, the best affiliate program tool to see which affiliate program will work best with which keyword.

Alphabet soup that’s where you put in a keyword and the tool runs through the alphabet one letter at a time to match with keyword.

Free list of most suitable keywords, and finally the brainstorming tool for getting ideas from all the social media sites.

Jaaxy has 3 types of accounts.

Free account in this account you get everything but only in a limited amount. You get 30 searches for keywords within the system. 20 other search results. A website analyzer, a keyword list manager and the brain storming feed.

Keyword competition data, 1x speed search, alphabet soup up to 15 letters, affiliate program tool,30 site ranking scans

. This is not recommended for serious keyword researchers. This is for newbies only.

Next you have pro research account. With this account your sorted search results are unlimited.

You get manual search history a QSR search that is ranked 0-100 the lower the number the better plus 2x multi threaded search, 2000site rank analysis scans.

And all of this will cost $49 a month also with a 50 letter alphabet soup tool,

And finally the Jaaxy Enterprise account. With this you get 35 keyword search results, 5x speed results, automated QSR, automatic domain search, alphabet soup of 50 letters, 5x multi thread search, unlimited keyword list, and 10,000 site rank analysis and for this you pay $99 a month.

This is the best keyword research tool on the market. So if you are serious about writing anything, now you know what keyword tool will be best for the job.

Why Quit The Best ?

There are other keyword tools out there but Jaaxy is the first one I was introduced to and it has worked great for me.

I’ve looked at some of the others and they’re all a little different but I like the way Jaaxy works so I’ll just stick with it.

I will revise this post when I have experienced some of the others a bit more.  I like you am learning something new on the internet everyday. So I may find one I like better.

But if I need more I can upgrade within Jaaxy and probably cover everything I need there.

Doing a keyword search you should start with your broad topic and narrow down the search with more precise descriptions as you search.

Finally coming to the one word that will put you alone at the top of the search engine page number one.

Buy Golf Clubs Online

For instance if you were looking for golf clubs online if you typed in buy golf clubs online you would come up with the best place to buy golf clubs online with only 72 avg hits per month but you’ve only got a QSR of 24And the SEO is 93 that’s great.

This would be your title. Writing a post on this would make it easy to rank on page one of the search engines. Do you kind of get the idea of what I’m talking about ?

This is the time you want to go try this out for yourself, you’ll see how easy it is.  So just follow this link and check it out.


I think you’re gonna like what you see.

Robert Garrison