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The list of educational games for kids is endless all you have to do is look it up on Google You’ll find pages and pages of them.

They’ve got them categorized in every age you can think of. If you’ve got a child you can find a game to teach him or her anything you want them to learn.

My younger brother is now the Fire Chief of Glendale, Arizona prior to that he was Fire Chief of Houston, Texas and before that I believe it was Oceanside, California but he started out as a paramedic in Phoenix.

Now back when he was a paramedic he invented a kids board game, called “learn not to burn”.

I think he gave more boxes of that game away than he sold. The point being anybody can make up an educational game all they need is something to teach.

Hot for TeacherCartoon Of Kids Turn Central Games Online And A Teddy Bear

Educational video is how I learned what I know about the trade.

I’ve decided should be my next calling. In fact that is the big trend now doing webinars.

More on that later, I want to talk about some “Gurus” giving video lessons.

I mean fella’s they have got some good-looking teachers in the business nowadays’s. Now you know why I subtitled this hot for teacher.

Now Back to the Movie

I see live webinars all the time but I think I like the recorded ones better because I can pause it when I need to. Sometimes they teach too fast and I can’t keep up.Poster Of Games For Learning The 50 States

Having the recording makes it easier to open your object page in another tab so you can follow as it gets done.

Children don’t have the same problem remembering that I do.

Why is it kids growing up today take to computers like they were born with all the knowledge.

Baby boomers like me have a hard time learning what seems to come naturally to the much younger.

Hearing about some eight or nine year old making a fortune has become quite normal.

Whereas, hearing about someone older that has invested so much time and money and has finally acquired a list of subscribers and not being able to make one sale.

Where do they get what I call natural talent for using social media and electronic devices?

Playing games is something children do all the time and if that game happens to be educational they don’t even notice.

Television programs like Sesame Street, Bill Nye the science Guy, Mister Rodgers and about a dozen other programs on every Saturday are teaching your children things parents never pay attention to.Poster Of Primary Games

They have been doing it for years. Remember the old programs you used to watch as a child such as Sherry Lewis with her hand puppet Lamb Chops?

And I’m sure you remember romper stomper domper do I see so-and-so and so-and-so. Even the cartoons were educational.

Teachers have been using math games and spelling games and probably a thousand other kind of games in school. It’s become America’s go to education.

Free online games have taken the place of the games we used to play outside. Games like kick the can or dodge ball or any of the playground games.

Those were the days, on the weekend your mom would send you outside in the morning and not see you till lunchtime then you would go back outside and they wouldn’t see you again till the street lights came on.

Kids don’t get enough exercise anymore instead of running around outside as they did when we were kids now they bury their face in a tablet or a mobile phone and play those damn video games.

Games of yesteryear

When I was in grade school we played with things that are mostly obsolete.

We used to play with, Hula hoops,yo Yo’s,Tops and marbles.

There was a marble game called chase some days me and the buds would start playing the minute school ended for the day.

Back then the streets were dirt and we started from the class room door and played all the way home.

The girls would play things like jump rope, hop scotch, that thing they do with their hands or Jacks. Like I said obsolete.

You know I even got pretty good at jacks because I had to entertain my little sister after school while my parents were at work.

Technology Rocks Yes or No?

All I know is things today are worlds apart from when I was growing up.

Right! I’m sure my parents said the same thing and their parents.

But the technology has grown exponentially as well as the knowledge so that makes the gap between how it was then and how it is now the widest it’s ever been.

Times the internet and that’s a whole civilization if not another species. Like adding apples and oranges.

We’ve come a long way, I hope to be around to see what the future holds. Coming at us faster and faster all the time.

Same as the expansion of the universe. Kinda makes karmatic sense doesn’t it?Poster Saying Karma Good Or Bad

Keep pumping that online education out there in kids games, webinars, seminars or video courses.

It all expands human intelligence. And Lord knows we can use it.

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