Devon Brown – Who Is He ?

Devon Brown is an Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Emcee, Hip Hop Dancer, and Edutainer.

He and his team have created a few standalone businesses for creating money online. He takes the complicated and makes it simple.

His mission according to him is to help success minded people get more out of life by offering solutions to uncovering the endless possibilities within yourself so you can create life on your own terms.

The first time I saw Devon was in 2017 online of course but I didn’t pay much attention then after a while I noticed he was promoting a new product of his own.

This product was called The Web Copy Cat it is only $1 to try for 14 days then it will cost you #34 amonth. He has a fool proof way of scaling your business because he has his own traffic source and you just buy as much traffic as you can afford.

He will send your traffic first to your autoresponder so you can start building your list then to the offers he has already set up for you.

If you want to check it out just follow this link.  

The next program he created was called The Easiest System Ever. Now this system I got into all the way and it,s the first system I ever made any money with.

It,s set up the same way the web copy cat was. You decide how much traffic you want and when you want it and buy it from him.

The membership area of ESE is full of information like your sales funnels where to find the done for you traffic or other sources of traffic.

It’s also got an Internet Marketing Library, a Personal Developement Library, an email swipe file, and a place to get 1on1 coaching.

To find out about the ESE just follow this link.  

His latest creation is called The 12 Minute Affiliate  it works the same as the others with it’s own traffic source.

In order to view this system just follow this link


Believe me when I say these systems are everything they say they are. With the follow up emails they send to the list you’re building you’re sure to make money online.

Devon really does have a talent for making complicated things simple so I invite you to click on anyone of the links I’ve provided and see for yourself.

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  1. Just watched the 12 minute and absolutely loved it.
    However, I am unable to purchase. I got laid off in Jan and
    am looking for employment and have been researching
    for Internet Ideas and ways of making a living while
    not having a boss and working from anywhere at all.

    Devon is awesome

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