Clickbank University Offer

Something new that’s really taking the internet by storm is the click bank university offer their sales video is absolutely enticing they seem to have all the bases covered.

What’s Working Now

It’s critical to your success to know what’s working right now. The internet is constantly changing and what worked yesterday won’t be the same thing working today.

That’s why it’s so important to know what the current trends are. The only way to know this is to get your information from people that are making money online right now.

Click bank University 2.0 gives you up to date strategies, methods, and tactics so you can build your click bank business quickly.

Click bank deals in digital products so you don’t need a website to get started. Some of the biggest “Guru’s” in the business use click bank to find the products they promote.

Two Separate Training Tracks

Inside of ClickBank University they have two separate training tracks. The first is click bank product publishing and then there’s click bank affiliate mastery.

It depends on whether you want to create your own products or make money promoting other peoples products. Both can be very lucrative.

Everyday people have made tens of thousands a month promoting products they have developed themselves. Other people have started very quickly promoting products developed by someone else.

You can choose either way or both it’s totally up to you. The curriculum is self directed.

8 – Week Affiliate Track

Adam Horwitz teaches the classes in this training. He has been written up on CNN Money, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance for his ability to generate millions on the internet as an affiliate with click bank.

The 8- week affiliate track is for those who want to make money promoting other peoples products. This is great if you’re just starting out and haven’t made tons of money online yet or don’t want to create a product or even a website.

The 8 – week affiliate track is the easier path. Newbies have taken Adams training and started making real money that same day.

12 – Week Publisher Track

Your instructor here is Justin Atlan he made his first million as a click bank publisher promoting his own products.

Publishing your own information product that gets purchased 50 to 100 times a day even while you sleep is a real rush.

Once you’ve created your own product and promoted it, it’s possible to have perpetual money machine. Because if, you can sell one you can sell hundreds of them.

You can even get affiliates to do the heavy lifting for you by generating traffic through affiliate advertising. Now you can see why being a click bank publisher is so lucrative.

ClickBank publishing is for you if you want to run a full-blown information publishing business. Or lift your success to the next level and leverage ClickBanks massive affiliate network.

Targeted Training, Resources And Tools Worth Thousands

Every two weeks they bring in people who have made it as role models. To show Justin and Adams training in action with people just like you.

They want to inspire you with real life examples of people that are living the dream. Showing you exactly how it’s done so you can do it too.

They’ll also be training you in specific training strategies to help you focus on any specific area of marketing. It may be video marketing, copy writing, or marketing on Facebook.

Each training will stack onto your learning, training, and ultimately your success.

These lessons will be curated by successful, established entrepreneurs some of the best in the business all with awards in their niche.

Plus you’ll get bonuses like Click bank Toolkit Inside are all the tech providers, essential services and special deals, with all the “how to” PDF’s, checklists,videos and starter guides.

Then you’ve got the Traffic Center where you’ll get video training tutorials on everything you’ll need to get traffic from various sources.

Plus an exclusive click bank community with like-minded people to give you a hand along the way or critique your work if needed. And you’ll get to attend live events at a reduced price because your a member of an exclusive group.

All of this for $47 a month which is not a bad price. They have also got all the student testimonials you would ever need to be convinced.

My conclusion thus far is it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. However, I am not a member and have not as yet attended any of the classes so I can only recommend on what I’ve seen and heard through ads and videos.

But I’m signing up for 1 Live Webinar a week so I can ask questions and find out if it stands up to its advertisements. When I have decided if it’s what it’s cracked up to be I will be back here to follow up with the report and let you know.

Until then if you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comment box below and I will answer them if I can. Meanwhile, I’ll be investigating to give you a finish as soon as possible.




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  1. Hey there, I am not a member of ClickBank either, although I was thinking about trying it out. I do like the training they have at Wealthy Affiliate and am close to being done with the Affiliate Bootcamp, which is an AWESOME training course, as soon as I am done with that, I’ll check this out! Thanks for the heads up!


    1. Thanks for reading the article Steve yeah when I was researching it sounded pretty good. I haven’t signed up to see their webinar yet but I intend to today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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