Devon Brown – Who Is He ?

Devon Brown is an Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Emcee, Hip Hop Dancer, and Edutainer.

He and his team have created a few standalone businesses for creating money online. He takes the complicated and makes it simple.

His mission according to him is to help success minded people get more out of life by offering solutions to uncovering the endless possibilities within yourself so you can create life on your own terms.

The first time I saw Devon was in 2017 online of course but I didn’t pay much attention then after a while I noticed he was promoting a new product of his own.

This product was called The Web Copy Cat it is only $1 to try for 14 days then it will cost you #34 amonth. He has a fool proof way of scaling your business because he has his own traffic source and you just buy as much traffic as you can afford.

He will send your traffic first to your autoresponder so you can start building your list then to the offers he has already set up for you.

If you want to check it out just follow this link.  

The next program he created was called The Easiest System Ever. Now this system I got into all the way and it,s the first system I ever made any money with.

It,s set up the same way the web copy cat was. You decide how much traffic you want and when you want it and buy it from him.

The membership area of ESE is full of information like your sales funnels where to find the done for you traffic or other sources of traffic.

It’s also got an Internet Marketing Library, a Personal Developement Library, an email swipe file, and a place to get 1on1 coaching.

To find out about the ESE just follow this link.  

His latest creation is called The 12 Minute Affiliate  it works the same as the others with it’s own traffic source.

In order to view this system just follow this link


Believe me when I say these systems are everything they say they are. With the follow up emails they send to the list you’re building you’re sure to make money online.

Devon really does have a talent for making complicated things simple so I invite you to click on anyone of the links I’ve provided and see for yourself.

Free List Building Website

There is a way to build your subscriber list for free no kidding. This site will not only build your list for free it will also give you a way to make extra money on the side and all you have to do is click on this link.

I know this is an unusual way to give something away but I’ve seen everything else they say works and you’re supposed to think out of the box so I thought this might get your attention. This really build your list for free. So I’m going to give you one last chance to grab this link.

What Is Online Marketing And Advertising

People are always asking me what do You do online? I tell them affiliate marketing. They ask me what is online marketing and advertising so I try to explain it goes like this..

Just a Representative

First of all I try to explain that there are many kinds of marketing online.But I do affiliate marketing because it’s the easiest way to start a business online.

With affiliate marketing you do not have to worry about any kind of inventory or customer support or warranties or upkeep on any products.

All you do is pick a product that someone else is selling and send traffic to it. They do all of the hard work like videos to display the product. Explaining what the product is and what it does and how it works.

Everything that needs to be explained or demonstrated is already done by the product owner. all you have to do is grab an affiliate link and point people to it .

When they click on your affiliate link it takes them to a sales page where everything is already taken care of by the owner. The way they know you are the person to get paid is that every affiliate link is person specific you’re the only person to have that particular link.

Then when somebody purchases something you earn a commission and the commissions are sometimes 100% so you make just what the product costs.

This way it doesn’t matter what the product is it could be anything. As long as you send the traffic and people buy you get paid.

E commerce Is Not For Me

Another kind of marketing is eCommerce that’s like Amazon or Ebay where you are selling physical products like when you have your own store. or you just sell products from the websites that they own.

The only problem with that is the commissions are very small sometimes only 5 or 10% and to make any money you have to sell so many of them.

I mean they do all of the shipping and customer support and keeping the inventory stocked. That’s why Amazon has so many warehouses and employees.

Then you still have to worry about keeping up with returns and refunds. When somebody takes a product back you have to give the money back.

Another type of marketing is drop shipping. I never bothered to check out how that works but I’m sure it’s the same as e commerce.

Too many details and responsibilities for me and not enough money.

another to make money online is pay per click. That’s when you send traffic to an offer and anybody that clicks on an offer you get paid whether they buy anything or not. As long as they click.

Paid Or Free

All of the traffic is easy to get it just depends on whether you are using free traffic or paid traffic. Paid traffic is faster. You go to a site like Udimi or one of the other paid traffic sites.

Then there are a thing they call solo ads that’s where someone has a very large list of subscribers and you pay them to send an ad to their list and people either buy or not.

The thing is you never send them straight to an offer because if you do then you are leaving a bunch of money on the table.

You always send the traffic to an opt in page first where they have to give up their email address before they get to see the product. This way you collect their address in your autoresponder so you can email them any time with more offers.

This is where the automation starts you just write the emails put them in your autoresponder and schedule them to go out automatically so your email provider takes care of sending them out for you.

Because as they say the money is in the list the more people you have on your list the more people you have to sell to. Anytime you want to make any money you just send an email and the people on your list buys the product you make a commission.

People call this a passive income, you make money no matter what you’re doing sleeping ,vacationing, staying home to be with your family. No matter what.

The other kind of traffic is free traffic. Free traffic is usually taken from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any of the other social sites on the internet.

To do this you have to grow a following so people are paying attention to what you’re doing online and know you well enough to go where you are pointing them to.

SEO And Search Engines

Another kind of free traffic is search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You get traffic fro these search engines by using keywords and content.

Which is driven from your website. The more relevant your content the higher you rank in these search engines. The goal is to rank on the first page. It’s kind of like the old yellow pages only instead of alphabetical order they go by keywords and relevance.

And how many people are engaged with the content you post on your site. Google is the largest and most influential but the other search engines have a lot people that use them to find things online also.


Last but not least by far and gaining ground on the rest of them is a site called Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual site that is a search engine within itself.

The way pinterest works is you use boards and pins to advertise what you want people to see. With the social sites you place ads to sell but they want you to stay on the site.

With Pinterest you use the pins and boards to advertise but here you use them to send people off of the site to where you want the traffic to go. When people click on your pins it’s because they are looking for something to buy.

At this particular time women are the largest audience trying to find things on Pinterest. After all we all know they control all of the money anyway.

But men are now taking leaps and bounds to catch up. Men have finally discovered that this is the place to go to shop first. So our numbers are catching up in a hurry.

The Whole Story

Actually there are thousands of ways to make money marketing online. In fact there so many ways it’s very easy to be distracted and drawn off of your destination. That’s why it’s so important to stay focused and keep your eye on the goal.

When people first start trying to make money online they get what is being called shiny object syndrome. Which means they buy anything that looks like it may be a possibility. And never stick with any one thing long enough to give it time to take hold and work.

I think that pretty much covers the what is online marketing and advertising

If you have any questions or anything to add please leave a comment in the box below and if you found this article helpful please like and share.





What Is Rapid Traffic Suite

When I saw the video the first thing I asked myself was what is rapid traffic  suite so I had to check it out. The price to get the app was $50.25 now I don’t have a lot of money but I figured that price wouldn’t kill me.

Bonuses And Giveaways

The first thing that got my attention was the free offers and bonuses they were advertising. I have read a lot about getting traffic from Pinterest lately since I have been interested in making money with a blog page.

The people I have been getting advice from are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog. The first offer inside of Rapid Traffic Suite says that I should be able to generate more traffic than ever using Pinterest with their training tool.

That peaked my interest immediately so I looked a little closer. This came in an email after I purchased the app. The email said Rapid Traffic Suite Buyers Your Downloads.Rapid Traffic Suite Banner

The first link inside of the email sent me to a video explaining how to access the purchase and telling me to register for their training. The second link sent me to a page offering a contest to win one year of coaching.

From the first video I learned that this app was created by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenka both bloggers they started telling me about the 4 step process they were using to profit from the internet.

They also tell me about the free money pages I am going to get. Well I’ve been up and down their follow up emails and have not found the free money pages.

Scam or No Scam

I’m pretty sure that this is not a scam. However, it is a funnel and unless you have the money to follow the funnel by purchasing the OTO’s it’s going to be damned hard to find these free money pages.

They keep giving me “Bonuses” but the problem is I don’t know what these bonuses are for and if I take the trip down the yellow brick road to find out it could take me forever and a day.

I have already spent a few hours trying to figure out exactly what they are giving away and I’m not saying they aren’t valuable but I don’t understand what it’s all about yet or how this Rapid Traffic Suite alone is going to help me.

Among one of the things I did discover is Tailwinds and this is an app that will help me take advantage of some things I can do inside of Pinterest.

Up until this point I did not understand how to use Pinterest. As, a social media Pinterest is a very image oriented platform. The main point of Pinterest is Pins and Boards this I knew.

But I didn’t quite get how to use these pins and boards. Once inside of the Tailwinds app I’m starting to understand what you can do and how powerful it is.

But I still can’t find these free money pages maybe I’m just a little too thick-headed to follow where they’re trying to send me. There are certainly a lot of bonuses and give-aways but I get the feeling they’re there to run me around in circles.

Until I finally give up and buy their up sales. However, at this point I still don’t have the money to do so.

Nothing Is Free

Following the road they have me going down I have learned quite a bit. One of the things they are giving away is the finer points of building a funnel.

This they explain very well and I’ll admit it has given me a different perspective on funnels and that’s a good thing. Because ,,when I was a member of Click Funnels they had a game you play to get the idea of what funnels were all about.

All this game did was confused the F….k out of me. That’s why I’m no longer a member. Evidently my powers of deduction aren’t what they’re cracked to be.

So even if I never locate these free money pages I have gotten something out of their Rapid Traffic Suite, not what I expected but something.

Altogether it’s been very enlightening and very confusing at the same time. Not having found these free money pages yet I will continue to look but a little more light heartedly now.

Games are Good

This is getting to be like one of those old games they used to play at parties. You know kind of like a scavenger hunt. Where you travel around the neighborhoods looking for items on a list.

There so many give-aways and bonuses I don’t know which one to follow next so I’m just kind of wandering around aimlessly seeing what each one is about.

Not in any kind of order just randomly. Leaving me to check some of them more than once not knowing for sure if I’d been there or not.

Like I said I do like games all kinds of games but that was not what I was looking for when I purchased their app. Though I can’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth I can say it wasn’t what I expected. And since I bought the app I have been inundated with emails.

In Conclusion

I’m going to have to go back and read this article myself because I don’t know if I side tracked off of my intended course or not.

Although I haven’t accomplished my main goal of finding the free money pages to use as a lead magnet to draw in more email addresses for my list. They have given me very useful information on what Pinterest is all about and I guess that was my goal in the first place.

So I can’t say this is a scam and I won’t. But if you have paying attention you will get the same picture I did. This is definitely a funnel. One of the best I’m thinking because they have sure led me on a merry chase.

I think these guys are perfectly legit and if you can follow the rabbits trail. Being able to afford the up sales and all the extra goodies. This app will do exactly what they advertise it will do.

Now I know this doesn’t look much like a review because I don’t have any bullet points or any graphs but this whole has been kind of confusing to me and I’m not sure where I would use them at.

Knowing that I didn’t follow the usual procedure for writing a review some of you are going say it has no apparent value. But I beg to differ this report is in the same condition it has left me in what is rapid traffic suite?

I know some of you are going to have some questions and a bunch of you are going to have some suggestions so if you’ll just leave them in the comment box below I will try to peruse them and get back to you asap.

Is peruses a word or not? It sounded good to me.





What’s Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work

knowledge is power

I’m sure one of the questions you have is What’s Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work and why should I join?

There are plenty of places to get started with your marketing experience and if you’ve looked around enough I’m also sure you’ve come across a site called Wealthy Affiliate.


As An Affiliate Marketer

You will be competing with some best marketers on the internet but don’t let that discourage you. There are enough buyers out there to give anybody that decides to become an affiliate marketer people to sell to.

The first thing you need to know is what affiliate marketing is all about. You say you just find a product that you think people will want to buy and start advertising it. Boy wouldn’t it be nice if it worked just that way.

Let me tell you it doesn’t. I don’t know how long you’ve been online, if this your first time or if you’ve been doing this for years but getting started with internet marketing is a real challenge.

There is so much to learn and the first thing you need to learn is the best place to get the knowledge. You can go find someone to teach you everything you need to know and that is going to cost you a pretty penny.

But you’ve got to ask yourself how do I know if it’s right for me? Not everybody is cut out to be an affiliate marketer and after you’ve paid for lessons already it’s a bad time to find out it’s not for you.

Getting Started For Nothing

There is one place where you can start for nothing. First let me say this I’ve seen advertisements saying you can start making money without a website and you can but if you’re going to start a business online you need a website.

All the people telling you don’t need a website have one believe me. A website gives you a place to send your audience. It gives you a centralized location a place to do business from.

Now about that place where you can get started for free. This is the ideal way to get started in affiliate marketing then if you discover it’s not for you’re not going to lose anything when you quit.

Wealthy Affiliate is that place. Here you can get started for free they will give you two free websites with free hosting and ten free affiliate marketing lessons. This ought to be enough to tell if it’s a right fit for you.

Knowledge Is Power

At wealthy affiliate they’ve got everything you need to start and maintain a thriving business online. Once you’ve decided that affiliate marketing is for you.

That’s the time you’ll want to go premium. Going premium will cost you $49 a month but for that you get 50 websites plus 70 lessons in affiliate marketing and 50 lessons to become a certified entrepreneur.

Inside of wealthy affiliate you get one of if not the best keyword research tools on the internet. Jaaxy is the research tool used by wealthy affiliate.

Plus the lessons inside are given by Kyle one of the founders and every week there is a live training given by Jay Neill. These training s cover everything you need to know to be in business online.

Not only that but you get all the support of a community of a million and a half like-minded entrepreneurs all willing and able to give you a hand anytime you might get stuck.

Believe me when I tell you they have got some pretty smart people within wealthy affiliate. I was amazed at some things I learned like how to set up your website with the best SEO strategies for attracting the most traffic possible.

Just Comes Natural

People that are really interested in making a living online have become members and with the training and support you get inside of wealthy affiliate if you take it seriously and do the training and follow the lessons just as they have been laid out.

There is no way to go wrong it becomes like painting by numbers everything is set up in such a way that becoming a businessman successfully is just the end result there is no way to avoid it.

They have just implemented some new platforms inside they now have an affiliate program where you can get the best affiliate networks to work with also giving you a place where you can gather all of your networks together and communicate with your network managers and they can collect data and advice from you.

This makes the whole looking for items to promote a lot easier and convenient. While finding ways to improve your ability to promote and profit from your advertisements by keeping in touch with the people you’re promoting from.

Carson and Kyle are always working on new ways to improve the training and your ability to reach your prospective audience.

Everything For You

Besides giving you 2 free websites and hosting plus the 10 free lessons everything else inside of wealthy affiliate is set up for the students benefit so you get the latest updates and improvements available.

I may be prejudice because I’m a member but that’s only because I know how effective their training s are and how much effort they put into making sure you are equipped with the latest tools and the best training so you are at no disadvantage to anyone else on the internet.

So if I were you and I was serious about starting a business online the first thing I would do is sign up for the free websites try following the free lessons and seeing if the internet was somewhere you think there is money to be made.

Knowing you have to see the same advertisements I do and listening to the guru’s tell you how profitable the business has been for them should leave no doubt it’s out there if you want to put the work in to get it.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but there is definitely a lot of money to be made just by putting in the time and effort. Sitting there wishing you could figure it out is not the way to profit. You have to jump in get your feet wet and keep pushing till you finally understand what it is people really want.

Remember nothing gets done just by wanting it so do yourself a favor and see what comes of it. You really will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get.

So get up off your mouse and go sign up the sooner the better. Now is the time while the iron is hot so they say because it’s easier now than it has ever been before.

So instead of asking yourself what is wealthy affiliate and how does it work go sign up and find out. NOW.