iProfitX Review

Where to start with this iProfitX review first let me tell you that this app was created by Jason Fulton and Slade Cooper and I think they had to put a lot of work into this.

First Things First

The first thing you will see when you get into this is an offer for free training. I watched this training and what Jason explains here is how a super funnel and traffic can turn into a cash machine. Case studies are the proof you’re given as to how well this system works.

The training is called Time to activate your $1,837.26 cash machine, after the case studies you come to the sales pitch which is quite a deal. Now let me say this is seperate from the iProfitX app. 

Value is the name of the game here, if you are one of the first 15 people to decide to take advantage of this offer. Elite Profits Mastery is the name of the offer, and it says it’s for people who have been trying to make money online for any length of time but have been unsuccessful.

Inside he gives you 3 secrets, secret # 1 is Discover a Done for you machine that pumps out cash directly into your bank account, secret # 2 is Tap into an ATM machine that spews out money at the push of a button, and secret # 3 is Fuel the machine, $1k/ a day fast track to living the life of your dreams.

After all is said and done here is what you get.

  • Elite Profits Mastery 6 figure franchise license ( $19,997 value )
  • Done for you machine that pumps out cash directly into your bank account ( $19,997 value )
  • ATM machine that spews out money at the push of a button ( $19,997 value )
  • $1k/day fast track – scale to $3ok/month ( $19,997 value)
  • 100% license rights on all products ( $9,997 value )
  • 500 free visitors per month ( $3,000 value )
  • Traffic agency ( $3,000 value )
  • Weekly live mentoring ( $2,997 value )
  • VIP support ( $1,997 value )
  • Private ” insiders only” Facebook group ( $1,997 value )
  • Lifetime license to all high quality frontend offers ( $997 value )
  • Lifetime license to all high value upsell offers ( $4,997 value )

Total value = $92,985 + 15,985 = $108,970

This will cost for the first 15 people $1,497 and the price for the general public will be $4,997 now I would say that was a hell of a deal, if I had the $4,997 to begin with, of course I don’t.

Now The iProfitX

Of course with this app I got to join the Facebook group but besides this I got 3 other applications. To begin with I got access to.

uProfito! but this was an upgrade I purchased at the same time I purchased iProfitX this is something you have to join and sign up for. Here the first thing you come to is the dashboard.

Under which you’ll find listed Website, Done for you, Training, Upgrades, Support. I went to Website and it’s something I need to build myself.

Clicking the done for you will bring you to 9 templates for different niches starting with health, entertainment, latest news, internet business, bsn, healthforyou247, earnmoney1, tamhiepluc, onlinevermaak.

Training will take you to a video titled Youtube API Key. Upgrades are what you usually get when you buy an app. And of course the support button.

Next inline was an app called Prequell! that also takes you to a dash board. Finally the third app is Profit – Tearz all of these apps are designed to earn you a profit in different ways. 

For my $17 usd I would say that was quite a bargain, of course I paid another $12.95 for the uProfito! upgrade but still I would say that was OK.

Buying Something To Be Sold Something Else

Like everything else paying the low price for the apps I got gives them a platform to sell me the upgrades which is what this is all about.

Don’t you just love it when you come across those all in one get rich quick apps that are supposed to be everything you need to become a wealthy guru just like the guy selling the app. Then you open it up to find out you need to buy all of the upgrades plus memberships to other apps like Clickfunnels, which is $197 a month after the initial free start.

Just once I would like to buy what is advertised and have it complete instead of making me feel like yeah you’re making all of your money selling to me ?

I know everybody online is trying to make a profit but I get the feeling they’re trying to make it all off of me. They give you the big sales pitch tell you what a great favor they are doing for you and then they go into that but you’ll need this plus sales pitch and I feel like I’ve been duped into here’s where I make money.


I would say this is quite an app for the price. I’m sure I got my money’s worth and I appreciate the fact that there has been a lot of hard work put into the presentation and the ingredients.

 However sometimes I wish I could get exactly what is advertised instead of feeling like I have been led down a path that is designed just to get as much money out of me as humanly possible.

 As far as deals go I would have to say this is one of the better ones he’s making it possible to achieve everything he said you could and more if you buy the upgrades or figure it all out yourself.

All in all purchasing this app is a real steal if you have the money to go in all of the way, if not and you’re smart enough it’s still worth the money it cost.

What’s a 3 Day Masterclass ?

The Time It Takes

I tried to explain this to my ex girlfriend and now I’m going to tell you the same thing, I just finished a three day masterclass and it only took me two weeks. That’s right 2 weeks.

The first time I went to the live webinar I was about half-way through the second day when there was some kind of emergency, I really can’t recall what that was, anyway I was called away and ended missing the rest of that day’s presentation.

The third day I missed also so I had to wait for the replay, which I did but I missed the third day replay until they decided to go through the whole class again for those of us that missed the first one.

The Masterclass

This was a class given by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels the purpose of the class was to get you up and running with your own business in the three day’s it took to give the class. I think they did very well at making that successful.

Following their instructions to the letter would do just that. In this the business they were teaching how to set up a digital business card and either sell it or give it away to collect leads. The business card would be the focus of your business.

I can give you this business card if you would like all you need to do is leave a comment below and I will get back in touch with you with the link and show you how to set it up.

Since we are doing business online this is a good idea. If you had a brick and mortar you would leave your business card where ever you could to get exposure. You know like pin boards at your local pub or the laundry mat or anyplace you frequent regularly.

During these class they taught you how to optimize your Linked profile and how to use a hook to attract customers and how to follow up with an email containing a rebuttal magnet. They showed you there were two ways to connect with people in Linkedin.

Either they were reaching out to get in touch with you or you were reaching out to get in touch with them and they gave you a response for both instances, which worked very well.

The reason they used Linkedin is this is where people go looking for work or to find someone to work for them. It’s like an online classified ad for jobs.

It didn’t matter if you were a newbie or experienced these class was for everybody and they showed you step by step exactly what to do and the reason for doing it. I came away with a few ah-ha moments.

There was also a 3 day masterclass group in Facebook where they communicated with the people taking the class. These guys were very thorough and covered everything you needed to know.

During these class cash prizes were given away and you were given badges and certificates to mark your progress. Chad gave most of the lessons with support and confirmations from Daven.

He was very enthusiastic and upbeat, he seemed excited about being able to help other people get started in their own business. It was definitely like nothing else I’ve seen online

In Closing

I would like to say this class was well worth the time, so if you get a chance to eake the same class do so. Remember if you would like a card of your own just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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Instant E-mail Biz Review

The first thing I want to say in this Instant E-mail Biz Review is I was a member for about 3 months and I don’t believe it was a scam.

The story goes like this They will give you the email business all you have to do is pay for the auto responder which is a monthly payment of $30.00 not bad right.

They start you off with 500 subscribers and the only thing you have to do is make sure you send your emails once a day everyday. If you do this they will give you 500 more subscribers every week.

They also give you the chance to kick start your business by letting you purchase an additional 5000 subscribers for $197.00.

Let me tell you this on the first day I sent the emails, oh by the way they write the emails for you there is a list of them all you do is choose the one you want to send, anyway the first day with 500 subscribers I earned about $5.00 same for the second day and every day that week and they gave $100.00.

At the end of the first week I had about $130.00 in my account I thought this is going to be great.

 Pay Day will be Great

Let me tell you the arrangement you have with the people in authority of this project. You make your payments to the affiliate network where you made the original deal, I don’t remember who that was right now, but you make your payments to them.

To collect you are dealing with click aggregators a totally different company and the deal is you cannot collect until you have earned $1000.00. In the aggrement they explain the reason for this which makes perfect sense.

After the first month I had about $200.00 in my account so I said what the heck and I purchased the additional 5000 subscribers.

You see the thing is they’re main sales point is the more emails you send the more money you make. Well after the first month I ended up with 7000 subscribers.

The one thing I noticed is even though my number of subscribers had gone up the amount of money I made every day had stayed just about the same so at the end of the second month I had 9000 subscribers and about $ 275.00 in my account.

Up The Emails

Another plus they offer you is for a price you can send your emails twice a day, I did not buy this. I thought I would just wait and see.

So we went through the third month I ended up with 11000 subscribers and about $350 in my account.

This didn’t seem right to me. I have gained 10500 subscribers and only about $60.00 a month less than I did the first month. Meantime I’m still paying $30.00 a month for my autoresponder.

The reason I started this business is because I was short of money and neeeded to earn some money fast. I was still earning more than the autoresponder was costing me however not having any money to begin with I couldn’t keep paying that bill.

So I let the business go. It just seemed a little strange to me that no matter how many subscribers I had after the three months I had been there I still had less than $400.00 in my account.

I just couldn’t afford to keep paying that bill and not collect anything and no matter how many subscribers I had it was going to take another four or five months untill I reached $1000.00.

Returning To The Business

When deciding to write this article I went back to the members page I had when I was still in that business. They offered to let me start making those payments again and they would add another 500 subscribers to my account.

Leaving me right where I was when I left, which is not a bad deal. However I still don’t have the money to make the payments without being able to collect anything.

It still seems to me like something is not right I mean I can grow the number of emails I send but the money has not equaled the amount of subscribers.

I have no doubt that they will pay when you get to $1000.00 but how long will that take and why are the numbers not showing the right increase in the amount of money?

Not A Scam But What ?

They say they are not a scam and I believe them. They use anyone who has ever reached the $1000.00 as testimonial proof that you will get payed.

My only problem is the numbers just don’t add up. You yourself will have to decide whether or not this is on the up and up or not.

As for me I couldn’t afford to stick around and find out.

I’m not writing this article for SEO ranking or to make any money as you will notice there are no affiliate offers or links.

I’m just offering this article as a buyer beware because it’s not a scam but what is it?

If you found this article helpful or informative please share it with your friends.

Devon Brown – Who Is He ?

Devon Brown is an Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Emcee, Hip Hop Dancer, and Edutainer.

He and his team have created a few standalone businesses for creating money online. He takes the complicated and makes it simple.

His mission according to him is to help success minded people get more out of life by offering solutions to uncovering the endless possibilities within yourself so you can create life on your own terms.

The first time I saw Devon was in 2017 online of course but I didn’t pay much attention then after a while I noticed he was promoting a new product of his own.

This product was called The Web Copy Cat it is only $1 to try for 14 days then it will cost you #34 amonth. He has a fool proof way of scaling your business because he has his own traffic source and you just buy as much traffic as you can afford.

He will send your traffic first to your autoresponder so you can start building your list then to the offers he has already set up for you.

If you want to check it out just follow this link.


The next program he created was called The Easiest System Ever. Now this system I got into all the way and it,s the first system I ever made any money with.

It,s set up the same way the web copy cat was. You decide how much traffic you want and when you want it and buy it from him.

The membership area of ESE is full of information like your sales funnels where to find the done for you traffic or other sources of traffic.

It’s also got an Internet Marketing Library, a Personal Developement Library, an email swipe file, and a place to get 1on1 coaching.

To find out about the ESE just follow this link.


His latest creation is called The 12 Minute Affiliate  it works the same as the others with it’s own traffic source.

In order to view this system just follow this link


Believe me when I say these systems are everything they say they are. With the follow up emails they send to the list you’re building you’re sure to make money online.

Devon really does have a talent for making complicated things simple so I invite you to click on anyone of the links I’ve provided and see for yourself.